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Video: Monster Hunter movie teaser trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a teaser trailer of the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. It’s just a teaser trailer, so not much is seen, but fans do get to see protagonist Captain Natalie Artemis encounter a Black Diablos. The movie will release in theaters this December. The trailer is down below.

15 thoughts on “Video: Monster Hunter movie teaser trailer”

  1. Well, it look likes it’ll turn out to a film from Uwe Boll. You see the title und think it should be great, but you see his name and you know he will turn it trash. Just maybe in Michael Bay Style.

  2. I imagine the story is something along the lines of:
    Monsters have leaked into the “real world”, so the military is set out to take care of it. They fail at defeating the black diablos, and they’re instead brought into the Monster Hunter world, where they learn they have to make their own weapons, etc. to protect themselves while trying to find a way home (maybe involving finding and hunting down the black diablos again).

    Or, you know, it’ll just be a military movie with monsters in it.

  3. I wish American film makers weren’t so cowardly. I want to see a world like the one in the games. Tribes or villages of people wearing all the MH gear or aesthetics of the game. Not this corn ball shit where the US military is always involved and people from our world somehow go to the other world.

    1. Yeah would have been better off having the aesthetics of a Harry Potter or lord of the rings type atmosphere (not the same but you get the idea) but instead there’s guns just like every other action movie and has very little if anything to do with monster hunter.

      Stuff like this just reinforces the thought that there should never really be a live action Zelda movie lol.

  4. Honestly, I like the idea if it was a spin-off GAME. Like modern setting characters discover an underground ecosystem filled with the MH species and combines traditional MH weapon types with modern weapons and vehicles and set character personalities, like some kind of cross section between Monster Hunter and Lost Planet. This however is not how you do a movie based on a game franchise.

  5. I’m mad that I wasted 15 seconds watching that. It literally is copy-paste Transformers + Battleship (didn’t see the latter but I get a feeling…).

    Looks awful. HARD pass.

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