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Australian ratings board says Immortals Fenyx Rising has in-game purchases

Ubisoft’s intriguing action-adventure title Immortals: Fenyx Rising is due to be released on Nintendo Switch this December and it has now been rated by the Australian Classification Board. The greek mythology inspired adventure has been rated by the board as a Mature title and the listing also reveals that the game will feature in-game purchases. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for those familiar with Ubisoft’s recent games as they are usually filled with optional micro transactions for clothing, weapons and items etc. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is available on 3rd December.


10 thoughts on “Australian ratings board says Immortals Fenyx Rising has in-game purchases”

  1. Lmao, in other words, you don’t actually care for making a great quality game that could turn into a series, you just want to milk money out of it. That’s all they’re really saying the second the say there’s in game purchases or microtransactions. I mean wow you’re making an entirely new game and trying to get it to appeal to as big an audience as possible and you’re first thought is to put microtransactions in it? Way to count your chickens before they hatch lmao.

  2. I swear in 2030 racing games will want you to pay real money to fix your cars. They will also try to sell you a virtual car insurance.

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