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Japan: Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios in Spring 2021, Mario Cafe & Store this October

Nintendo has confirmed this morning that the beautiful Super Nintendo World is now scheduled to open at Universal Studios Japan next spring (presumably if all goes well) The Kyoto-based company also stated that the first Mario Cafe & Store is set to open at the Hollywood Area of Universal Studios Japan on 16th October this year. The special Mario Cafe & Store will be a joint cafe and store utilising the red and green colours the Mario franchise is famous for. Here’s the details via Japanese Nintendo.

“The moment you step inside the cafe, you will see Blocks and Warp Pipes from the Super Mario Bros. game adorn the walls, along with Mushrooms used as colourful tables. Inside, you can enjoy food and drink that are fun to look at, such as Mario Pancake Sand, Luigi Pancake Sand (strawberry shortcake), Fruit Cream Sodas, and Super Mushroom Drink Bottle.”

“Super Mario goods with original designs unique to Universal Studios Japan are also going to be sold at the store adjacent to the cafe, using motifs from the Super Mario series of games, such as Mario & Luigi hats and Princess Peach’s crown. An iconic WHOSE CAP? line-up of goods will also be sold at the store including T-shirt, Pouch set, and Cushio.”


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