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Pikmin 3 Deluxe graphics comparison video (Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U)

Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch launches later this month and now the free demo for game has gone live on the eShop, the good people at GameXplain have created a nifty graphics comparison video. You can view the side-by-side footage for yourself below; there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of difference between the Deluxe version and its original that released on Wii U, but the game is certainly looking nice and crisp running on Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s also worth remembering that any save data from the demo will be transferred to the full game should you purchase it. Players who complete the demo will also automatically unlock the Ultra Spicy hard mode in the main game too.

Here’s the comparison video from GameXplain:

15 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Deluxe graphics comparison video (Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U)”

  1. Another lazy effort from Nintendo. But it didn’t stop them charging full price for yet another Wii U port. It looks the same.

    1. It is lazy, but I feel like the seen pixels add to the effect of the environment a lot. The plants look like they have a nice, fuzzy texture. Pikmin has never been about graphics.

      1. I have to disagree with the last sentence. Pikmin has always looked exceptional for the hardware it runs on

      2. This game so far is not worth buying if you still have a Wii U and Pikmin 3 for it. Unless they show that Olmair Louie adventure. But I need to know the length of the game. If it is 22hrs or longer then Ill buy it. If it is 5hrs or less not buying for 60bucks. The port is weak.

  2. It’s hard to feel excited over this when I want Pikmin 4 SO bad. WHERE IS PIKMIN 4?
    I had several issues with Pikmin 3. One of which was the game being too darn short. I felt a little ripped off. It was good, but nowhere near as good as Pikmin 2 was. I also had issues with most of the collectibles being boring fruit instead of treasures. That was a letdown.

    1. I been waiting for Pikmin 4 for 5 years. I just came to accept the fact they lied. And even if there is a Pikmin 4 expect Pikmin 5 to come out 15 years later.

  3. Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution

    I remember it being very short, even when I did a personal challenge of No Pikmin left behind. (Always reset when 1 died) It was a nightmare but I def loved the game

  4. I like the inclusion of the new olimar and Louie sections that along with the fact I really like the game and haven’t played it in many years are the reasons I’m getting it. Wasn’t expecting it to look that much different

  5. Banjo Kazooie Fan # 2618

    The Collector put it best in the above post. This game was roughly a quarter the size of it’s previous installment, the far superior Pikmin 2, where the bosses were actually fun. The bosses in Pikmin 3 are either okay or straight-up terrible. They certainly aren’t fun or well-thought out, and bosses are so incredibly important in a game like this, so for the bosses to be so terrible is really, truly sad. You improved the graphics while simultaneously making a game far worse in every other way? For shame…

  6. CosmicTornado, we all have our opinions. It’s good that you just said you disagreed. I just mean that Nintendo isn’t like Xbox and PS, they don’t try and get the best graphics. It is a graphically stunning game, but not all about graphics. Still, you can disagree with me. Both of our opinions are valid.

  7. Was my first ever Pikmin game. Story mode was fun, but it was the missions that impressed me. Attaining Platinum was a challenge (for me). Kept me at it for days. I don’t normally like RTS, but I loved this.
    Really looking forward to playing again, and hopefully some new content too?
    Also agree re Pikmin4, where is it?!

    1. There aint no Pikmin 4. They lied. What’s the point bringing up a game if no intentions of showing teasers or a release date of the game. They knew fans wouldnt forget. So why say that
      That was stupid right there.

      They havent started the game. How I know? Hint: Yoshi.

      Yoshi is one of the few games that wasnt ported from Wii U to Switch. Why? Because they worked on the Yoshi Sequel immediately after the 1st game was done on Wii U. That’s why it doesnt have a delux.

      Deluxe just tells me Nintendo hasnt done nothing in R&D but Paper Mario and Animal Crossing.

  8. The demo reminded me just how great this game is. I know I’m in the minority, but 3 is my favorite of the series. It feel like it’s the perfect length, plus getting the highest rank on the missions added a lot of content. And now there’s new olimar/louie missions too. Pikmin 2 felt so bloated to me, and the cave systems just weren’t fun imo.

  9. Meh about what I expected, nothing majorly updated. Still asking for new game top AAA price for a once released game.

    This is where Nintendo gets shady. They dont even act like they have to compete. Nintendo will release a game that some will have bought already for a full price new game, and some people will buy the same crap over again.

    Being a “hybrid portable” does not just give you the right to price gouge the ever living hell outta people, yet Nintendo always gets a pass over this.


    FF Zodiac age price in store around 40 bucks.

    On Steam it’s on sale for 24 bucks as of last night.

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