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VG Tech: Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo runs at 720p/30fps docked and 576p/30fps handheld

A demo for the forthcoming Pikmin 3 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch was recently uploaded to the Switch eShop giving you a chance to check out the enhanced Wii U port for yourselves. Tech analyst site VG Tech have performed tests to check out the resolution and frame rate on the Switch game and have found that it renders at 720p and 30fps when the Nintendo Switch system is docked and 576p and 30fps when played in handheld mode. It’s not clear why the resolution wasn’t boosted in docked mode but it could be due to the jump in nature of the new co-operative multiplayer mode. You can read our preview of the full game here.


15 thoughts on “VG Tech: Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo runs at 720p/30fps docked and 576p/30fps handheld”

  1. The game still looks surprisingly good at 720p. But yeah, it’s a shame they didn’t bump it up to 1080p. I didn’t even notice the lower res in handheld though. Looked fantastic to me. Can’t wait for it to release!

    1. The handheld is a smaller screen. Screen size and resolution are directly connected stats. You also won’t notice the difference if you stand father away from the tv.

    1. Your making it seem like other nintendo games run like that this seems more like a dev issue than nintendo overall because most of the new 1st party titles have been able to run at 1080p and 60fps, heck even 3rd party has found a way to get their games running higher, it really just seems like the devs didn’t focus on the port too much because 3d world port runs and looks better than its wii u counterport.

    2. That is not why. Nintendo is showing their laziness.
      Get real you must be a fool if you think the Switch cant pull 1080P. For some dumb reason, they dont want to take the extra effort into making it 1080p.

      Just like Mario 35th. They know they could had remade M64 from the ground up. Updated everything. Just getting lazy.

  2. The switch is very underpowered, at 300$ price point it will be years behind the likes of Xbox Series S and even ps4 pro and One X when they get a price cut.

    The future look grim for third party support and potential multiplats :/

    1. The Switch getting indies that are multiplat and the occasional port of some older games is always what I expect and it’s still more than the Wii U ever got.

      New consoles don’t have the portability aspect regardless of how much powerful they are. Switch obviously won’t get more demanding new games, but that isn’t much different from what it’s already like now.

      An updated Switch or whatever in the next two or so years would just do this same thing again. I don’t mind the drop in power if we get another Switch.

  3. Another reason why I should not pay $60 again. And that Olimar and Louie is not even a different story. You just collecting fruit just like the other side stories. I thought that was an all new adventure mode. How disappointing.

    They should had released Pikmin 4. But I know why, they lied about that game. It doesnt exist. I am beginning to wonder if they lied about when they started on Metroid Prime 4 three years ago. Instead I get some rush Pikmin 3 Delux port not worth buying if you still have it on Wii U.

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