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A Short Hike dev says “sales have been much stronger on Switch” compared to PC

A Short Hike has been available on Nintendo Switch for some time now and the creator behind the title has some good news. It’s performed very well on the platform, better than on PC, in fact. Speaking of sales performance on Switch, the developer said “so far the sales have been much stronger on Switch.” In addition, as part of an interview with Nintendo Everything, developer Adam Robinson-Yu also had the following to say about porting the game to Nintendo’s latest hardware:

“Pretty much as soon as A Short Hike came out for PC, I started getting requests for a Switch port! I was also excited to get the game onto the console, but it ended up taking me a while. There was a lot more to do on the business side of things, which I wasn’t super prepared to handle. I also wanted to do the actual porting work myself, to make sure the port was at the quality I wanted it to be. It wasn’t super tough, but the whole process took much longer than I anticipated!”

Adam Robinson-Yu talking to Nintendo Everthing

If you’re looking for a charming, short game for Nintendo Switch, I’d highly recommend picking this one up!


2 thoughts on “A Short Hike dev says “sales have been much stronger on Switch” compared to PC”

  1. As strange as it sounds this is one of my games of the year. It was only a few hours but I loved everything about it. So pleased to hear it’s done well

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