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Square Enix says Bravely Default II news set to be announced soon

Square Enix has confirmed this morning that they will be sharing news about the long-awaited Bravely Default II for the Nintendo Switch fairly soon. The announcement was made as part of the celebrations of the original Bravely Default for Nintendo 3DS which is commemorating its eighth anniversary. Bravely Default II still appears to be scheduled for release this year.

“Information on Bravely Default II will be released soon, so please check it out,” the tweet reads. The following Bravely Default eighth anniversary commemoration artwork illustrated by Naoki Ikushima is attached.


4 thoughts on “Square Enix says Bravely Default II news set to be announced soon”

  1. hopefully it would reveal a release date or just bit more on the Bravely Default II demo feedback and how they will improve and fix the turn order as well.. or more delays? well i don’t know whatever they are planning next for now

    1. Agreed. As a huge fan of the original, I didn’t like the demo very much. And I probably won’t buy the game if they didn’t actually listen to and implement our feedback.

  2. Im glad to see some devloper that knows how to keep their promise when in March saying the game was nearly complete and will be out by 2020.

    Unlike Lying Nintendo.

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