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NPD analyst believes 3D Mario games on Switch will eventually be sold individually

Many of you were disappointed to hear that the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for Nintendo Switch would be a time limited affair. Nintendo hasn’t announced exactly why the collection which includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy is only available for purchase until March 2021. Mat Piscatella, executive director of games at The NPD Group, believes that the trio of games will most likely appear as individual titles on the Switch eShop for customers to purchase individually. This is just an educated guess as Nintendo hasn’t clarified what will happen to Switch collection after March 2021.

“I don’t think these games will disappear, like what would happen with the old school Disney Vault,” he said. “But I think there may be additional flexibility and buying options. For example, à la carte purchasing options on eShop. The sales of Super Mario 3D All-Stars should provide additional confidence in bringing other legacy titles to the new platforms, to say the least. But again, it’s Nintendo, so I expect to be surprised.”



  1. i highly doubt it but if they did release them individually then it would partially explain the limited run (games) of both the physical and digital.

      1. I get that it’s a limited run which makes sense for physical but digital as well? I mean maybe because it’s the 35th anniversary of Mario then it kinda makes sense but still. Maybe Nintendo has this awesome idea we don’t know about and them doing a limited run for physical and digital is part of this awesome plan but since we don’t know about the limited run of the game is dumb for the digital.

      1. It wasn’t silly for them to do this. Nintendo knows full well that the masses are complete slaves to them and will buy anything that has the words Collection or Limited on it, regardless of how blatantly conveluted or ridiculous a product it is. First all the Whales and Die Hard Fans will buy the “limited” supply, then they’ll sell the games individdually for every other sucker to waste their money on. In the end they made a ton of profit by selling 3 old games put together at modern retail price because of the word limited on it, created a demand for it, got their target audience hyped up for said product, and then will make further profit by either selling the games individually or making more copies that aren’t limited at a later date. They had a solid plan to make quick money from the start, all they needed were people foolish enough to blow their money on it, which they all did lmao. Not the best way to do it, but they made an easy success nonetheless thanks to consumer ignorance.

        1. This is in reference to Mario 35 though, which is a free downloadable title if you have Nintendo Online. You’re talking about the 3D collection, where the artificial scarcity does actually do something for them by boosting sales like you say.

      2. Mario 35? Don’t know what that is since I didn’t bother watching the direct for the anniversary, my fault for the misinterpret of your comment then lol

  2. Yep. There’s no way they spent money on porting the games, only to sell them for a few months. Mario 64 will probably be apart of some kind of N64 online service, and the other games will probably be on the eShop for $20-30 apiece. But I think it’ll be a little while (2-6 months) before they’re relisted. Guess we’ll see.

    1. I’m getting ready to by a 1tb microsd card because my 512gb is now full lol

      The only physical switch games I own are BOTW Special Edition and this new 3D Mario limited edition collection (I also bought the digital because I didn’t want to open the physical for collector purposes), I like having all my games in one place.

      1. I got a 128GB card ages ago so I could download all my stuff, but I ended up still getting physical copies.

        Switch cases are so neat to me. They’re like little books and nice to look at.

      2. @HollowGrape Yeah I used to really like those little book-like cases for my 3DS games, but I just really enjoy having instant access to all my games in one place. I forgot to mention the other physical game I have is VR Labo because physical was the only option for that one obviously.

        1. Yeah, man. Digital is especially convenient for the Switch being portable and all. I need to get on that 1TB card, too. They costed too much back then, but I’m sure they’re more reasonable now.

  3. It was stupid not to had thought about remaking Super Mario 64 in R&D . They knew 8 years ago, Mario would eventually turn 35. So why didnt they start the remake then? That was stupid.

  4. Eh, I still have a GameCube copy of Sunshine and a Wii copy of Galaxy (and Galaxy 2) and if I really wanted to play 64 I could buy it on my Wii U for $10- I don’t really need these HD upscales since that’s all 3D All-Stars sorta kinda did. Had they actually made them HD with updated graphics or at least fixed some problems with the games themselves (like making Sunshine’s pachinko mini-level tolerable) I MIGHT have considered buying it.

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