Nintendo shares Super Mario Bros. ‘Your Mario Melody’ video

Nintendo has uploaded another video to their YouTube channel for the Super Mario 35th Anniversary celebrations. There are no snippets of game footage or reveals, but the short clip shows a collection of people singing, humming and beatboxing to the tune of one of Mario’s iconic melodies that almost all of you will recognise instantly. The comment section on YouTube has been switched off, but we can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.

Take a look below and go on, have a sing along too!


  1. The thumbnail for the video and article has three people:
    The guy to the right: “No no no no no, it’s Xbox that”s the best,” and starts going off about specs and speed and stuff.
    The guy to the right: “PS, right guys? Yeah.” Looks off to the distance and remembers PS move.
    Girl in middle: “Guys, be quiet! It’s Nintendo!”

    And I agree with her. Anyway, we all have our opinions. Please comment respectfully. I’m probably gonna get some hate from this…

    1. Girl in the middle thats me Mariah Tavares
      IG @mariahtavares3
      Love Nintendo and Nintendo switch.

  2. I love how the cute little girl just goes all over the place with the theme lol. A good try. Mario music is classic! We have these themes burned in a deep part of our brains.

    1. Thank you so much. I actually love the song just couldn’t do it as good as the others but tried my best.

      Mariah Tavares
      IG @mariahtavares3
      Love Nintendo and Nintendo switch.

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