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Video: Nintendo Minute rank Hades characters with Supergiant Games – Round 1

Nintendo Minute‘s latest episode just released, and it features the roster of Hades characters. Kit and Krysta said in the video description that “we’re are so excited today to have special guest Greg Kasavin, Creative Director of Hades join us today for the first of a four part series ranking Hades characters! The game is filled with so many awesome and interesting characters so we created a very scientific way to rank them. Be sure to stay tuned for this whole series to see which character makes it to the top”. Nintendo’s tweet, which contains the video, is down below.

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  1. I like a lot of different characters, for different reasons. I’d rather rank them in the order I like them, or in the order I like what they give me as well, as opposed to a tournament style bracket masquerading as a “ranking”.


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