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SuperData: Super Mario 3D All-Stars sold sold 1.8 million digital units in September

SuperData’s monthly report for September 2020 is now available and it tracks digital video game sales across all platforms. The company says that Nintendo shifted 1.8 million digital units of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. While Nintendo does not provide digital sales figures, SuperData claims that it was the biggest digital launch for a Mario game on the Nintendo Switch. If that figure is correct, then it surpassed sales of the excellent Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Maker 2, and Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.


13 thoughts on “SuperData: Super Mario 3D All-Stars sold sold 1.8 million digital units in September”

    1. It’ll probably do alot better considering alot of people never played it and have been wanting it ported since switch launch plus thr 3d world port seems to have alot more content and effort put into compared to all stars.

        1. I’m talking about the 3d world port, not the all stars port, but yeah limited time is the only reason it did pretty well and scalphers did help encourage people to buy the game quicker

  1. Good. Good. The more suckers buy digital the more my physical copy will be worth once they take it off the shelves.

    1. Good grief you make it sound like people who buy digital, are idiots and losers, you know games are actually meant for playing and not just collecting, if your going to be negative toward the player base go to nintendo life.

      1. +felixgray
        I wouldn’t bother with this individual if I were you, I’ve seen his past comments on here and he’s clearly just here to cause trouble. You’d be better off just ignoring him.

    2. As a major advocate of physical over digital, learn something about basic economics. Value is both relative and subjective. If people buy the item for $60 as digital only, that’s what its worth. I would encourage people to value things other than they do, but that doesn’t change reality.

      1. You’re an idiot. Your digital copy is worth exactly $0. This is not subjective, it’s objective. IT’S WORTH EXACTLY $0.

  2. I expected better sales but then the physical sales i dont have the info to. But that aint bad for a weak port. And also scalpers made a killing on this game.

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