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Ghostrunner for Nintendo Switch has been delayed until November

Out today on other platforms, Ghostrunner has been pushed back for the Nintendo Switch with a revised release window of November. But don’t fret, the developer All In! Games has told fans that a release date will be announced over the coming days. The slight delay is down to the team making adjustments to ensure ‘players have the best possible experience with the game’. Hopefully we will get a concrete launch date soon as the title looks very promising.

The Nintendo Switch version faces a slight delay into November, as the Ghostrunner teams want all players to have the best possible experience with the game. The final date will be announced in the coming days, so please stay tuned for more information.

To catch a glimpse into what the game is all about, take a look at the initial trailer below (but oviously ignoring the release date shown!)



  1. This game looks kool, but I can’t help but think that games like this are better suited for the third person. It would be awesome if developers allow their games the option to toggle between the third and first person perspective.

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