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Resident Evil 3 looks to be next Nintendo Switch game using cloud streaming

Yesterday’s surprise bumper Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase revealed that Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play two video games using cloud streaming technology here in the west. Those games are Remedy’s acclaimed Control, which is available now, and Hitman 3. The website which hosts streaming for Control reportedly contains cover art for a cloud version of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 and references to a Switch version were previously discovered in the data files of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pre-release demo earlier this year. Capcom has not confirmed Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version for the Switch.


23 thoughts on “Resident Evil 3 looks to be next Nintendo Switch game using cloud streaming”

  1. I feel like it’s a deadset for the Switch version being a Cloud version of the game and honestly, Control being streamed actually works surprisingly well!

    Hopefully this means future games like Resident Evil 8: Village and maybe games from other companies like say CD Projekt Red could release a cloud streamed version of Cyberpunk 2077 or the rumour Witcher 4

    1. Because they know there’s always gonna be the target audience of people that settle for less and will buy this instead of getting the full experience they deserve lol.

  2. How does Cloud games work exactly? I get that performance isn’t all that great via streaming so they should stick with slower paced RPG games since action games like RE and Control require precision

    1. You download the 42MB Free Launch App for it, and upon launching it lets you play a trial version of the game in either performance or graphics enchanced mode. You have to purchase an “Access Pass” to play the rest of the game for “x” amount of days. Not to mention, you need perfect internet speed for this otherwise you don’t get to use High Performance or High Graphics Mode and you get this default low res garbage.

    2. Only to those who don’t have either high speed internet or LAN adapter plugged in the Nintendo Switch Dock unit.

  3. Already tried it for Control out of curiousity although I already knew it was going to be a terrible experience. My Internet is great and yet I couldn’t use Performace or Graphics mode so it gave some low res excuse of a game. They actually want me to pay for a pass, to keep only for a certain amount of time, a watered-down version of a game that needs perfect internet speeds at all times??? Lmao whoever thought of this must’ve had a full clown suit on cause this is a joke XD

    1. Either you have 0% experience or you’re an AOL subscriber. You should give cloud gaming a chance for once. I had played the Control demo and it plays great. Physical cards can’t handle that much data. With Cloud gaming (if you have high speed internet and LAN adapter for your Switch docking unit), you have no problem.

  4. This disgusting ‘Cloud Streaming’ trend is a fuck-all and it can fuck right off.
    Useless and a mere INSULT to Nintendo and to Switch owners.

    1. You’re the fucking insult, pretendo retard. Cloud steaming is the way to go. Look at PS Now, XCloud, Stadia, and Luna. Either you’re either chickenshit or you’re too fucking dumb? Stay salty, Hammy. Just you wait until Ubitus brings Hitman III, (the rumored) Resident Evil 3… hell, we could possibly see Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Phantasy Star Online 2.

      1. Sure, you might have to do some work, but short game like RE3 remake could easily fit in, and card sizes has not stopped other games with mandatory download requirements.
        Besides, RE3 is about 47GB on PC, while what I’ve heard of is longer game RE2 is only 27GB. So no idea why it is so bloated, but you definitely do not need 8k textures on Switch.
        But I don’t think any publisher is using 64GB carts, and don’t think any Nintendo game requires that much.

  5. Shame. This is one of my favorite games this year, and I know that playing the Cloud version after playing on PC for so long would feel like a major downgrade. But I get that the game is graphically too demanding for the Switch, and would require some major downgrades to work normally.

      1. Are you twelve? Why are you fanboying Cloud gaming when it is a fact that is has major performance issues and general cons regardless of the system that runs it. And it just so happens that the Switch has it worse off.

        at this point of tome, cloud gaming is not developed enough to offer an enjoyable seasmless experience. It is frowned upon not only by the mynintenedonews users but also by the gaming community as a whole for a good reason.

      2. seriously grow up! All this Boomer talk shows you either suffer from a mental disability which is a real shame, or you are just somebody who gets off aggrivating people on the internet which isn’t funny it’s very childish.

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