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Japan: Accessibility controller for Nintendo Switch from HORI

Much like Microsoft and its adaptive controller suited for gamers with limited mobility, HORI have released their own version for the Nintendo Switch. The ‘HORI Flex’ can connect to a PC or a Nintendo Switch console and gives the option to remap the buttons via an app to make playing easier for those who can’t play with a standard controller or find it difficult doing so. Currently, it’s only available in Japan for approximately £180 (the Xbox Adaptive Controller currently retails for around £75) with no word on it being made available outside of this territory. Hopefully this will change and this brilliant creation can be rolled out to all territories soon allowing everyone the ability to play Nintendo’s latest console.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: Accessibility controller for Nintendo Switch from HORI”

  1. I do hope this releases outside of Japan sometime in the near future. I do feel bad for people who cannot currently play games on the Nintendo Switch, because they have physical limitations that prevents them from playing games on Nintendo’s current system.

    IMHO there should always be a way for everyone to play games no matter what system they want to play a game on. Developers should always make sure there are plenty of options for people to play games in whatever way they are most comfortable with. I was and still am really happy that Nintendo put in system wide button mapping onto the Switch, but there are still a lot of ways it could be made better, and this is a great next step. They just have to release it globally, so everyone can play games like Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Smash Bros. Ultimate, etc…

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