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Nintendo confirms Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold over 2 million copies worldwide

News has emerged that Monolith Soft has its first two million seller on the Nintendo Switch with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The lengthy but engaging JRPG has sold 160,000 additional copies in the last six months, which is rather impressive given it launched back in December 2017. The news was shared via the latest Nintendo financial report. The brilliant Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has also sold 1.4 million.


13 thoughts on “Nintendo confirms Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold over 2 million copies worldwide”

  1. Love the game and great to see Monolith get their first 2 million seller, long time coming but we’ll deserved. Can’t wait to see their next game

  2. Wanted to like this game but having to find this one path and being lost or having to have this one piece of equipment attached started to feel old after 40 hours. I did enjoy the story but was burnt out on other parts

    1. You should watch Chuggaaconroy’s LP of this game, he will explain how the game feels and how it should be and tips on how to make the game play smoother and quicker. He goes into detail just about anything and his community does correct him in a positive manner and brings it up when he is wrong. He is currently on a break from his LP.

  3. So if the devlopers see that this game can sell over 1 million units why not make an all new game immediately? Why should the fans have to wait a decade before they decide to make a new game instead of a port?

    Im sure after a game is made the devlopers go their seperate ways. Then it take 10 years to regather them or look for new devlopers taking even longer. Had they just worked on the game right away they wouldnt need to find new devlopers because they would had already been right there.

    Now Yoshi’s Wooly World didn’t need a port because the developers worked on the game immediately after the first one was released on Wii U. That just proves video game devlopers can make games immediately after they worked on a game and dont need to port everything over to a next generation console. Where as Tropical Freeze, also a 2D game like Wooly World, got ported over.

    Why is that? Because Retro didnt make Donkey Kong sequel the moment Tropical Freeze was complete.

    This is why Pikmin 4 nearly completed 5 years ago is a big fat lie. The game doesn’t exist because if it did then it looe Yoshi Wooly World never got ported never would Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

  4. What are you smoking? They did start working on another game immediately, games do not just magically appear when someone decides to make them. You don’t just say “you know what this game really needs a sequel” and then wave a wand and bam there’s a game. These games represent thousands of man hours, and once again you make it clear that you have absolutely no idea all that goes into making a game.

    Xenobalde Chronicles 2 came out three years ago, and since then Monolith has been working with other studies helping with a variety of games it is likely that they are heavily involved with Breath of the Wild 2 right now, and they just released Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive edition this year. That means they are being spread very thin, but even still they are hard at work on their next flagship game. It takes them four years on average to complete these behemoth games, so I wouldn’t expect an announcement before next year, but rest assured these people don’t disband after every game as you put it or spend years sitting around with their thumbs up their collective asses until one day they are like ” alright it’s been long enough break, time to make a game”. They stay way busier than you.

    Also, as a side note: Pikmin 4 (ignoring that’s from a different developer) is never going to happen it was obviously canned, they didn’t lie about it nearly being complete, that was almost certainly true, but they most likely did quietly can it ahead of release, and it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done this with a game. It could be that it just wasn’t living up to the vision, or that the franchise wasn’t selling well enough to justify spending anymore money into it’s production, or that their was a messy dev process behind it. Regardless, it most likely became Hey! Pikmin at some point and the rest was discarded. I wouldn’t hold my breath on ever seeing it either since that franchise does poorly in sells. No great loss though, Pikmin is a mediocre series at best.

    As for Retro, they stay busy as a secondary dev these days helping out other devs on their games and honestly their time an expertise are better used there. They are also making Metroid Prime 4 at the moment which I’m sure has everyone tied up.

  5. So glad for this game. Have been digging into New Game + recently. Can we get a celebratory resolution patch? ;)

    This is seriously one of those games that could really use a Switch Pro enhancement

  6. I tho it XCII would at least have double the numbers of the XC since it’s a completely new games the XC DE which is a remaster. Plus it came out around three years ago.

    XC 1 has Shulk going for it who is more recognisable than Rex

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