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The Smash Ultimate “Hiding Your True Self” Spirit Board event is now underway

If you’re still playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you may be happy to hear that an in-game Spirit Board event is now underway. The event, which is called “Hiding Your True Self”, features spirits that put on masks or hide their face. You’ll be able to defeat them in Spirit Battles to earn more Spirit Points than usual.

It is the latest in a long series of in-game events that have been taking place since the game released on the Nintendo Switch almost 2 years ago. Smash Ultimate has also been receiving plenty of updates and DLC. The news was relayed by the official Nintendo Versus Twitter account, so we’ve included their tweet for you down below.

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  1. Does anyone really play the spirit events that don’t have new spirits in them? Like who needs spirit points that bad

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