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Nintendo president says Switch production has now completely recovered

After reporting their latest financial results, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke in a conference call with Bloomberg. Mr. Furukawa relayed the news that the supply constraints which had plagued the Nintendo Switch system earlier this year have now been resolved and manufacturing of Nintendo’s current platform is back on track. This will come as good news to those of you who have been trying to secure a Switch unit and should mean plenty of consoles will be on shelves come Christmas.

“The Switch hardware momentum remains strong, and we think that’s because production has recovered so customers who were previously unable to find a Switch on store shelves are now able to”

“The Switch production situation has now completely recovered and we have no issues with that.”

Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa


3 thoughts on “Nintendo president says Switch production has now completely recovered”

  1. Bull-loney!

    There haven’t been switches (other than yellow Lites) in my area for 6-9 months. Still nothing in stock as of this week.

    1. You know there’s time between production and distribution right?

      The previous production capacity was designed to slowly restock stores as they ran out at a normal pace. At the moment, all the stores are out and all need to be restocked. Obviously the same production designed for drip feed resupply is going to take a bit of time to resupplly every store in the country.

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