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Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been updated to version 1.1.0

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been out for a couple of months now, and a few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that the collection of 3D Mario games would be getting an update soon. They didn’t give a time of release, but they did mention that players will be able to invert the camera controls.

Well, the update is now out, bringing the game to version 1.1.0. As promised, the ability to invert the camera controls is included. However, Nintendo has also managed to make it so Super Mario Sunshine “now supports the Nintendo GameCube controller”, except when playing on a Switch Lite. The patch notes are down below.

  • Players can now invert the camera controls within all three individual titles.
  • Super Mario Sunshine now supports the Nintendo GameCube controller (sold separately). Players can now play this title using the same controls as found in the original GameCube release.
    • The Nintendo GameCube controller for Super Mario Sunshine is supported only in TV mode.
    • You’ll need the GameCube Controller Adapter (sold separately) to use this controller with your Nintendo Switch system. Information on connecting this adapter and controller can be found here.
    • The Nintendo Switch Lite system does not support this controller option.
    • All button displays within Super Mario Sunshine will not reflect the Nintendo GameCube controller.
  • Other general fixes have been applied to improve overall gameplay across all three titles.



  1. Good news. Though it shows how this thing was rushed together. Not sure how you get caught off guard by a 35th anniversary.

    1. You can use the gamecube controller with any game that supports the pro controller. What nintendo means is that now the gamecube controller works as og intended for mario sunshine. You most definitely can use the gamecube controller for 64.

    This is how it should have been done from the start!

    Now all Nintendo needs to do is fix Mario’s higher pitched voice clips in SM64 and add widescreen, and add back Mii selection on SMG profile creation, and we are GOLDEN!

  3. Can someone please fill me in here? From what I understood; The Gamecube Controller WAS supported from day 1 but now this update adds it?
    I’m so confused right now.

    1. Correct but now you can use the triggers as intended as, by default, the switch doesn’t support analog triggers. Meaning they had to remap the trigger to two buttons. One for half pressure, one for full.

    1. You clearly haven’t done the research. This patch allows you to play Sunshine with a GameCube controller EXACTLY AS WAS POSSIBLE ON THE ORIGINAL PLATFORM. That means the pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons allow you to have F.L.U.D.D. spray only a little to a lot to standing still and having free aim at full power- all with the same button.

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