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Nintendo Switch parental controls app updated to version 1.14.0, now supports iOS 14

The Nintendo Switch parental controls app for smart devices has been updated to version 1.14.0 allowing the app to function on Apple devices running iOS 14. As well as this, the update brings some minor bug fixes and feature improvements too so make sure to update the app if you want the smoothest experience possible. This updates marks the first time the application has been updated since the middle of the year.

The parental control app is for limiting playtime for youngsters (or for annoying siblings which we wouldn’t recommend), restricting access to certain titles and it’s a decent way to take a look at playtime amounts without having to view the stats on the console itself.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch parental controls app updated to version 1.14.0, now supports iOS 14”

  1. MiiVerse was the best thing about Wii U…can we get that on switch…..makes no sense to use a phone to communicate and get people together and play…use the Switch! Can we get that as a gobble gobble day surturkeyprize

    1. Hell no. Miiverse, in its incarnation on Wii U and 3DS, was trash. I got a strike for mentioning Project: M because it “alluded to criminal activity.” Made me want to slap whichever moderator flagged that in the face over how stupid it was. You want criminal activity? I’ll give ya criminal activity!

      I don’t want to see Miiverse return without some serious, heavy overhauls.

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