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Dead Cells sales are over 3.5 million, DLC launches in early 2021

Motion Twin, the developer behind the critically-acclaimed Dead Cells, have announced today that they have shifted over 3.5 million copies of the roguelike action platformer. That’s not all, as the team have announced that their new DLC for Dead Cells titled “Fatal Falls” will be coming early 2021. It contains another two new levels and a boss, plus new weapons and enemies to play with. It will cost $4.99 and you can check out a teaser trailer below.

5 thoughts on “Dead Cells sales are over 3.5 million, DLC launches in early 2021”

  1. Such a great game. It’s one of my favourites.

    It’s so cool that motion twin are constantly refreshing this game, but with the regular updates, maybe they should think about a sequel.
    I know there was a pretty good (and expensive ) physical bundle released not so long ago with all the dlc etc, but this new dlc will now make that incomplete and the likelihood of another physical version later maybe would pee of those who bought the complete package back along.
    Such a great game though.

  2. So glad I didn’t buy that physical prison’s edition with the dlc on the cartridge, I would have been pissed if I had bought this a second time to own a complete physical edition only to learn more dlc is around the corner.
    I really love this game and wanted a complete physical version with all the dlc on the card but I’m beginning to realize these devs are never gonna let that happen.

  3. U can own the physical just update to have the new dlc releasing. I’m just glad this game keeps getting bigger and bigger. Although i definitely wouldnt mind a sequel. But this game sets the bar high for rouge metroidvania style games.

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