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The Smash Ultimate “Mr. Sakurai Presents: Sephiroth” presentation is happening on December 17th

Perhaps the most shocking announcement of this year’s Game Awards had been the confirmation of Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next DLC Fighter, and that he’s arriving later this month. If you’re really excited to learn more information, you won’t have to wait long to do so.

Nintendo has announced that a presentation from director Masahiro Sakurai is coming soon. In fact, you’ll be able to tune in to the “Mr. Sakurai Presents: Sephiroth” presentation on December 17th at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern/10pm UK time. You can see Nintendo‘s official tweet down below.

20 thoughts on “The Smash Ultimate “Mr. Sakurai Presents: Sephiroth” presentation is happening on December 17th”

  1. I guess the only disappointing thing about this is that we’re unlikely to get Geno now since I doubt we’ll get four Square reps. Expecting to see a Geno Mii outfit costume in this presentation.

    1. You know, if they at least add some more SE music with a few from SMRPG and Chrono Trigger… I might be ok with this. I know SE has been pretty weird with music but maybe they’ll finally open the floodgates. I mean… Look at all the SNK songs we got… Some from non KoF/FF games iirc

    2. If anything, id imagine its more sqaure wanted seph in for marketing purposes and maybe geno can get in as a reward to sakurai for it

      1. Sakurai has stated that all of the DLC characters were chosen by Nintendo higher-ups. So, someone in Nintendo’s executive offices really liked Sephiroth.

  2. I’m not excited for this character (Cloud might even say I’m “not interested”), so I’ll skip. I already bought the Pass so I’ll be getting him either way, I’ll just try him out blindly and at least play him long enough so that Isabelle remains my least-played character (Isabelle has no place on the roster).

      1. +The Man of Brisk
        I really do not understand why people claim Isabelle “doesn’t deserve” to be in Smash. Animal Crossing, especially now, has risen to be 1 of the big boys within Nintendo’s ranks, even more so than Kirby, Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus, and Metroid. May I also point out that all 4 of those franchises have 3 or more reps in Smash while Animal Crossing is just 2 reps and 1 of them is a semi-clone! If anything, Animal Crossing deserves 1 more rep like Tom Nook because the series has done amazingly well in the past decade.

        1. She’s overrated. Everyone’s like “Isabelle is adorable” or “Isabelle’s such a great character.” I played New Leaf and found her to be more annoying than anything else. At least in NH outside of her speeches when you boot up your island you don’t have to interact with her and they gave Nook all the important stuff like house/island upgrades and terraforming.

      2. +The Man of Brisk
        Hmm…I get what you mean but I feel like in this case Smash isn’t really the 1 to blame. Personally I really like her and yeah, you got me, I think she’s adorable so it’s easy for me to accept her but her popularity cannot be denied so for deciding new characters for Smash Bros, it’s only natural they are going to pick ones that would draw the most attention. I mean sure you could argue Tom Nook could also fill the spot and I agree, he could have, but really either 1 would have made a good choice and it’s always possible they could be saving Tom Nook for DLC. Plus, we have way more male characters than female ones so I think Isabelle is good for balancing that aspect.
        So I understand your perspective but I don’t think your opinion automatically means she “has no place” in Smash.

    1. Bro just say you don’t like isabelle easy as that, alot of people main her and like her presence, doesn’t even make any sense as to why you mention her anyway.

    1. +sonicgalaxy27
      I get that we do have a lot of sword characters but I think this is 1 of the few times we can make an exception.
      For characters like Byleth and Corrin I absolutely understand, even though I love Fire Emblem, but given who Sephiroth is and the impact he has had on gaming, I think this is 1 of the few exceptions we can make, same goes for Dante and Chrono.

        1. +sonicgalaxy27
          To be honest; I think 1 of the main reasons so many sword characters get into Smash, aside for all the Fire Emblem Fan Service, is because a lot of the most loved characters in gaming also happen to be Sword Wielders. Over the years I’ve watched countless top tens of people’s favourite characters and almost always there’s at least 1 sword user on it. Heck, aside from Dante and Crono, I actually can’t think of any other iconic sword wielders that aren’t already in Smash.

  3. That trine character trio would have been a pretty good set up switching between the three.

    For making me imagine how i thank you gruntilda

  4. Guys I just thought of something; I really hope Xander, the announcer, says his name in the same way the song says it.

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