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Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, coming later this month

The Game Awards 2020 has kicked off, and their first big announcement had been the one Nintendo fans have been waiting for. As expected, Nintendo has announced the next DLC Fighter that is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And it’s likely that you’ll be very surprised to hear that it’s none other than Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth. He’ll be coming to the game later this month. The Game Awards 2020 tweeted the news, so we’ve included their tweet for you down below.

80 thoughts on “Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, coming later this month”

  1. So, not only is it another sword user, but it’s a character from a developer that, frankly, I think doesn’t deserve to have more representation in Smash after the half-assing they gave for Cloud. 2 music tracks? No Spirits? Not even original artwork of Cloud to look at in the Spirit compendium like almost every other fighter has?


    1. +The Man of Brisk
      “I think doesnโ€™t deserve to have more representation in Smash after the half-assing they gave for Cloud”

      Okay, I can understand not being happy about the lack of spirits and music but saying they “Half-assed” Cloud is just wrong. If you played Final Fantasy 7 you will see just how faithful they re-created his moveset for Smash Bros and even going as far as to implement the limit gauge mechanic. On top of that, the Midgar stage is actually 1 of the best stages ever created as not only does it faithfully re-create Midgar but they even went the extra mile and implemented 5 Summons complete with a materia mechanic.
      I’m not saying this negates the lack of music and spirits, even though Sephiroth’s arrival will actually fix the latter, but claiming they “Half-assed” Cloud is taking it too far.

  2. Sakurai, HAL, and Nintendo have a great reputation in my book but… I swear, I’m never prepurchasing unknown DLC ever again.

    1. ๐‘ต๐’Š๐’๐’•๐’†๐’๐’…๐’ ๐‘ญ๐’Š๐’“๐’”๐’• ๐‘ถ๐’“๐’…๐’†๐’“ ๐‘น๐’†๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’“

      HAL? They aren’t involved.

      Btw yes don’t buy DLC without know what is the DLC. Glab I didn’t spend money for it. Not because those characters aren’t important but some of them I never played the games they come.

        1. ๐‘ต๐’Š๐’๐’•๐’†๐’๐’…๐’ ๐‘ญ๐’Š๐’“๐’”๐’• ๐‘ถ๐’“๐’…๐’†๐’“ ๐‘น๐’†๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’“

          I think HAL is present just for the Kirby series.

  3. I was seriously looking forward to seeing Crash, Sora, Master Chief, or something along those lines to help diversify the character roster in terms of representation.

    …God, do I hate the Nintendo company

  4. ๐‘ต๐’Š๐’๐’•๐’†๐’๐’…๐’ ๐‘ญ๐’Š๐’“๐’”๐’• ๐‘ถ๐’“๐’…๐’†๐’“ ๐‘น๐’†๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’“

    RIP Crono. I was still hoping to see him in Smash.

    I’m not against Sephiroth but another FF7 character? FF has a vast amount of games and it seems only the 7th entry is the one represent the entry.

    1. Yeah and i was hoping for another Sonic rep for this crossover and all we got is another sword user witch is a bit disappointing. Swords are still cool honestly, but Final Fantasy and Street Fighter are the lucky ones. Why can Sonic be lucky this time.

      1. Because they should have been. This is the kind of thing I was afraid of:

        “Tails/Knuckles/Shadow should get in because Sephiroth got it! Also, I’m huge Sonic fan who cares more about the Sonic franchise than Smash!”

        Well I care about the Sonic franchise too, but not to THAT extent.

      2. ๐‘ต๐’Š๐’๐’•๐’†๐’๐’…๐’ ๐‘ญ๐’Š๐’“๐’”๐’• ๐‘ถ๐’“๐’…๐’†๐’“ ๐‘น๐’†๐’‚๐’—๐’†๐’“

        Imo it’s a 50/50 reaction from me. Sephiroth is a popular villain but the fact that FF7 is the only FF that is represented in Smash is not something I like.

        Regarding to another Sonic rep. Yes I do want it since the Sonic franchise has a vast number of characters.

  5. Shit! Now there’s no stopping secondary third-party characters like Tails, Chun-Li, etc.

    Sephiroth! The first non-echo 3rd-party fighter to get in after the protagonist (Cloud) of a repped franchise! Why! These completely throws off everything! First Aerith and now any balance in Smash’s roster.

    Sonic will get Tails, Mega Man will get Zero (everyone’s favorite!), Ryu will get Chn-Li, Snake will get Big Boss, etc.

    And this game will be even LESS Nintendo than it was when Ryu become the second Capcom rep! 3rd-party franchises aren’t supposed to get additional reps for a reason!

    I think Sakurai is intentionally destroying pattern now, rather than making sound choices. The Sephiroth/FF fans alone will be happy, but not the people who work their asses off to balance representation in what was supposed to be a Nintendo crossover (with a few third-party characters). And it’s not like I can pretend that Sephiroth is an echo or even make him one like I can with Dr. Mario.

    For this to make sense would have to give a every 3rd-party character their own second now and de-echo other fighters like Ken and Richter.

    -Sonic – Tails?
    -Snake – ?
    -Mega Man – ?
    -Pac-Man – Ms. Pac-Man?
    -Bayonetta – Jeanne?
    -Ryu – Ken
    -Simon – Richter
    -Steve – Alex (plus a unique moveset)
    -Hero – ?
    -Banjo-Kazooie – ?
    -Joker – Random Persona protagonist?
    -Cloud – Sephiroth

    And that’s just for 3rd-party franchises already in Smash, never mind any hopes for NiGHTS, Klonoa, Monster Hunter, Darkstalkers, Tales of, Tekken (Jin), Bomberman, Goemon, any indie reps, and any other Microsoft reps, where company would have an even four (or eight now thanks to Sephiroth).

    I don’t even know what this game is now, other than playable. This is a mess! And this reveal during the Game Awards/holiday season in Covid-landia just feels like a sneak terrorist bombing that no one was prepared for. And because everyone is busy rejoicing, I’m going to have an impossible time finding someone as pissed as me over all of this.

    What’s stopping Goku, Shrek, Batman, Spongebob, Minions, and Sakurai himself from now getting inโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

    The only silver lining is that this is the final SSB game where everybody is in. And once the final character is added, the rest of us can go mod-crazy and edit what we disagree with.

    1. We already had Ken and Richter as secondary fighters for a third party series, and nonvideo game characters like Goku or Shrek aren’t getting in as long as Sakurai is at the helm.

      1. Did you read the part about echoes?

        Because that alone was the only reason I let it slide. Echo are sub-category enough to be condense under the expansive roster (and no, this is not an exaggeration or a quip, its an actual option).

          1. Does it even whether he said it or not? It just seemed like a no-brainer.

            At the end of the day, it all comes down to what stands between this Nintendo crossover and a flea market of flash characters-of-the-week.

            And I don’t want to see this franchise (the national dex of Smash) cluttered by random flavors-of-the-week catering to vocal majority who never once THINK about what they ask for.

            At this rate, Nintendo will find a way to reanimate the dead if enough people ask for it, and STILL try to make a profit.

            1. I fail to see how this is a “no brainer”. People said the same thing about Shadow being an echo fighter as soon as the concept was announced, and spirits never going to get a fighter. Only rule that is an actual rule is that Smash is a video game crossover while Primarily having mostly Nintendo characters, anything else is a rule made up by fans because they’re trying to find patterns and thinking it will always be this way.

              1. So Sakurai can just throw in any random VG character he likes with no rhyme or reason, where several franchises feel overrated and one-sided (LOZ, FF, SEGA/Sonic, Konami), and others (if at all) feel ghosted (Pac-Man, Yoshi, Wario, F-Zero, etc.).

                  1. Well he shouldn’t.

                    There are more than enough ways to surprise people. The reason people come up with these “patterns” at all is because they range from good ideas to keeping things balanced and FAIR.

                    Sakurai’s methods of “surprising people” often result in throwing others for a loop and pissing them off.

                    If Sakurai wants to surprise us so much, he can do so by actually listening to fans who know what they’re talking about, and making each character look as good as they can. Even with the most obvious of fighter choices, we can’t predict reveal timing or what goes into a trailer, or even their moveset, and other content announced alongside it.

                    At this point, all I ask is to not be pissed off and have to rethink EVERYTHING about the franchise. That’s extremely stressful and I already have more than enough franchises that I’m trying to fix.

                    My brain nearly exploded from this reveal alone, and it wasn’t a good feeling. It was a BAD one.

                    1. And who are those people who know what they’re talking about? Those who wish to gatekeep and only have new characters be Nintendo characters? Sounds pretty boring if you ask me.

                      1. 1. Said no one ever. There’s literal nothing boring about new Nintendo fighters. Especially the several factors that go into each new fighter.

                        2. If we need at least some new 3rd parties, make sure they’re from a franchise that isn’t already in the game.

                        Instead of Sephiorth (as a pure stand-alone non-echo), we could’ve had a rep from either NiGHTS, Klonoa, Darkstalkers, Tales of, Monster Hunter, Goemon, Bomberman, Chrono Trigger, Yo-Kai Watch, Prof. Layton, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Undertale, Cuphead, Shovel Knight, Shantae, Hollow Knight, Samba de Amigo, Billy Hatcher, Ristar, Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo, Red Earth, Viewtiful Joe, Mappy, Tower of Druaga, Bravoman, Wonder Momo, The World Ends With You, Yooka-Laylee, Fall Guys, Among Us, Overcooked, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Bubsy (yes, Bubsy), Rival Schools, etc.

                        Hell, even Doom, Halo, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Fortnite, Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect, Portal, World of Warcraft, Fallout (lord knows how), Call. Of. Duty., other gritty realistic games that don’t fit in with Mario/Sonic/Mega Man/Pac-Man.

                        1. So if you don’t agree with something then “no one said it” and I thought we were arguing about Smash being an Nintendo game and which newcomers would be acceptable. Why would all of those titles you would be listed better than Sephiroth when those aren’t Nintendo titles either? Are you really that fixated on a single third party series getting a second rep that isn’t an echo?

                          1. As long as you know the specifics (and I don’t have to repeat myself).

                            Why, because its fair representation for all 3rd-party franchises lucky enough to get into this Nintendo crossover franchise, without overshadowing the Nintendo side of the it.

                            But since the damage is done now, I have to drop the idea of 3rd-party echoes and reorganize everything.

                            Picture this: Sephiroth is a full fighter, but Ken and Ritcher aren’t. And supposed Cloud got an echo. Then Sephiroth would have to get one too to keep things even. That would be FOUR Final Fantasy characters in one Nintendo crossover, making five Square-Enix characters if we count Hero from Dragon Quest. Meanwhile:

                            -SEGA (3): Sonic (1), Bayonetta (1), Persona (1)
                            -Capcom (3): Mega Man (1), Street Fighter (2)
                            -Konami (3): Metal Gear (1), Castlevania (2)
                            -Microsoft (2): Banjo-Kazooie (1), Minecraft (1)
                            -Namco (1): Pac-Man (1)

                            See how cluttered and uneven representation would be?

                            Short answer: In terms of 3rd-parties, I’ve grown to accept multiple reps of one company, but not multiple reps of one franchise.

                            Now I have de-echo Richter and Ken, make sure none of the other 3rd-party reps get an echo, and have each 3rd-party franchise have only two fighters. Example: Cloud & Sephiroth, Ryu & Ken, Simon & Richter, Sonic & Tails (or another Sonic character), Mega Man & Zero (or another Mega Man character), Bayonetta & Jeanne, etc. And no echo fighters between them.

                            1. I would hardly call this uneven and clustered, this is more of a problem with Nintendo’s reps. Mario has 10 reps if you’re generous and don’t count Wario, Yoshi, and the Kongs while plenty of franchises have only one or two characters. I’m genuinely having a hard time seeing your point.

                              1. I never said that Nintendo’s reps were even either.

                                But “having only new Nintendo reps sounds boring to me”. Even though some of those new reps could very well be Dixie, Cranky, or Funky.

                                Those franchise could always be expanded in future titles, but the 3rd-party franchises seem to be taking precedence over that, especially in franchises where they shouldn’t (which happened tonight).

                                1. Right, they could very well be added to a new Smash, but adding nothing but “lesser known” Nintendo characters when we have all of the big ones out of the way would feel very underwhelming. It would feel like we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as new fighters go.

                                  1. Don’t forget, it’s lesser known characters who got us Fire Emblem Awakening and Kid Icarus Uprising, also outcries for Mother 3 (every single time).

                                      1. FINALLY!

                                        Usually, anything I say goes through one ear and out the other, complete with insults, and I just ragequit. But yeah, thanks.

                                        As for this whole situation, I guess we can expect the likes of Tails (or Knuckles, or Shadow), Decloned Ken, Decloned Richter, Zero, Ms. Pac-Man, Jeanne, maybe Gruntilda (since B-K doesn’t have many solid reps), etc.

                                        In short, many more second franchise reps.

                                      2. Also you gotta admit that for Nintendo reps we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Characters like Rex from Xenoblade is probably one of the most requested Nintendo reps, but even as a Xenoblade fan I feel like he would be a rather meh choice. A lot of these third party characters are very exciting.

                                        1. There are plenty of Nintendo characters who could work as fighters, but Sakurai already Thanos’d more than half of them as spirits (even extremely obscure characters like Pokkle and Demille).

                                          3rd-party fighters after Pac-Man just feel like they’re intentionally avoiding their actual IPs out of pure shame.

                                          1. Yeah we still have a lot of characters like Lip, Waluigi, Nester, Mike Jones, Dixie Kong, Stanley, etc. but aside from Waluigi, the characters that get the most hype are big name third party characters, something most of those characters wouldn’t match. Personally I don’t really have a problem with third parties since most of them have supported Nintendo consoles in some way (aside from Joker) and don’t take away the overall feel.

                          2. They are literally no rules aside from it has to be a video game character, fans really need to stop making up rules on what they think is a rule min min and other characters have already debunk certain rules

                            1. +trippersigs
                              Okay, I disagree with a lot of what the other guy said but calling him autistic is just wrong dude and that’s coming from someone that actually is diagnosed autistic.

                          3. I think you are overreacting. Sephirothโ€™s inclusion has NOTHING to do with all the rambling you did.

                            It doesnโ€™t โ€œproveโ€ or โ€œdisproveโ€ and โ€œrulesโ€ you are talking about.

                            1. +amanfromdeclan
                              Buddy, judging from the immense replies I’ve read through from you, it looks to me like you put WAY too much stock into these “Rules” you seem to think exist.
                              The only genuine rule that seems to exist right now is the character needs to originate from a video game franchise, yes that literally means so long as this criteria is met, Sakurai can put whoever the hell he wants in regardless of how relevant or irrelevant they are. If he or Nintendo wanted to; They could put in any of the assist trophies that are already in the game, it’s not up to you or anyone that isn’t involved with the development of this game.
                              Chill out, it’s just a video game.

                          4. Sakurai isn’t destroying pattern because he already stated that Nintendo requested these dlc fighters so he’s just doing the ones he can make work. Not his choices at all

                            1. He chose Nintendo’s choice of Sephiroth when he could’ve said no. Nintendo gives him MULTIPLE characters to chose from.

                          5. Lol it is honestly entertaining to see how much this upsets you.

                            1. Itโ€™s a game, itโ€™s not the end of the world

                            2. Yes the director of the game/the team can add whoever they want. If he wanted to he could add the protagonist from every FF game and still call it smash.

                            3. Youโ€™re opinion doesnโ€™t represent everyoneโ€™s. If it did then this wouldnโ€™t have happened. Nintendo and the smash team did what they wanted to do/thought was best and they will continue to do so no matter what whiney people like you say.

                            4. I think youโ€™d be surprised how many people are happy with this inclusion who arenโ€™t loud/active on social media at all. Just because you and others are negative by nature and loud online doesnโ€™t mean youโ€™re right or that a majority of people agree with you.

                            5. Youโ€™re entitled to your opinion but this is kind of extreme. I think you should reevaluate how much importance you put on who and who doesnโ€™t get into this video game. Take a step back and take a breath. You will live. If you truly hate it this much and if it ruins smash for you this much then stop playing it and donโ€™t buy the dlc. If you already bought it, and weโ€™re expecting the fighters pass to be exactly what you wanted most out of the thousands of possible outcomes, then you were foolish when purchasing it, and you were wanted by Sakurai himself to not purchase it in advance if you werenโ€™t confident it would satisfy you.

                            6. If the dlc is ruining the game for you, donโ€™t download the dlc and keep the roster how it was base game.

                            7. New content is good. Even if itโ€™s not what you were personally hoping for adding ANYTHING new to the game isnโ€™t bad, period. Anyone who gets not just disappointed but legitimately mad by something new being added to a video game needs to reevaluate their mental state and get some psychiatric help.

                            1. I honestly don’t give two flying fucks about your 7-point argument.

                              Also, this was a few days ago, so what you say isn’t even relevant.

                        2. Now this is good DLC. My Isle of armor on pokemon shield was kind of shitty because I got ugly man Avery instead of beautiful girl Klara. #BurnInHellAvery

                        3. Countless Final Fantasy titles released over the decades > lets include 2 characters from the same game, the one that Nintendo fans probably only played in the last couple years when it got ported to Switch

                          well at least its not Sora

                        4. I am SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! I never imagined they would actually bring in another Final Fantasy 7 Character but here we are!
                          I can’t wait to play him!

                        5. Pretty cool and unexpected. I almost got excited for it, but then I remembered that I am over this game and have no intention of returning to it any time soon. Good thing Melee is still sick!

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