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Kamiya once again says Bayonetta 3 development progressing “very well”

As we have previously reported, Famitsu has recently interviewed numerous Japanese developers in an annual feature to find out what their goals and plans are for 2021. One of the developers is Platinum Games producer, Hideki Kamaiya. Mr. Kamaiya tells fans there is no need to be worried about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 and that development on the action title as coming along just fine. Here’s his full comments:

Hideki Kamaiya

Keywords for 2021: “Do my best.”

What’s New: “First off, many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 considering there hasn’t been any new information since its announcement, but verifications of new systems have been going great and development is going very well, so please wait with peace of mind. (This is a copy of my 2020 comment.) Also Project G.G. (title tentative) has finally started moving, so please look forward to it.”

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25 thoughts on “Kamiya once again says Bayonetta 3 development progressing “very well””

    1. You know. Like Cyberpunk. Which states it was ready earlier, but only needed some extra time to shine. I don’t buy this. I didn’t buy all the delays BotW had either. Those statements are there to make hype. Only launch day will speak the truth of the state of the game.

    2. Agreed but I rather a game to be announce when their almost close to finished, and not just annonuce to create hype, like at least show some concept or small footage to show your consumers what their getting into

      1. But the games DOESNT have consumers. They don’t have any obligation to show off footage for a product you haven’t bought yet…..

        1. Except they sorta do if they want to build hype. Their not obligated, I agree with that, but if they want to encourage hype and increase sales and their fanbase they would need to advertise the game and show off footage, you can’t just suddenly release a game out of nowhere and expect it do well, unless its free to play.

          1. Yeah it is quite possible if you ask me. I mean, They haven’t share anything about the game yet after its announcement during the game awards. Yeah you cloud say he might be trolling us, but that doesn’t give us a reason that we all can’t enjoy a decent games that is our favorite and we love.

  1. I think people forget that when it was first announced, it was verrrry early into development. It’s been 3 years since that announcement, there was no way it would’ve released by now unless it was rushed.
    And even though I’d like to see more of it (it’s my most anticipated game), I would rather them take their time and make something amazing. 2021 is the year I think we’ll finally get some footage of it, and I’m thinking it’ll be the release year. If not, first half of 2022 is my bet.
    Games take time, people.. lol. Be patient. :)

    1. Yeah you make a good point right there dude. I know some people in the world can’t stay the patients even so people never learn how to wait and it will never comes faster if they are so impatient on the stuff they are looking forward to. Developing games takes 3 to 4 years to be finish and it takes a lot of effort to make a good formula game.

  2. I’m concerned what they have planned once the game is finished. Immediately start another Bayonetta or wait 7 years doing nothing like most developers do?
    After all look what happened after Metroid 3 and Luigi’s Mansion 2 came came out. They didnt do nothing. These games take so long pretty soon sequels going to be skipping every other generation console.

    1. Does Bayonetta need more than a trilogy?

      Perhaps this last game will wrap things up nicely. Maybe they’ll take several years to figure out a new way to bring her back and make it new.

  3. The thing about building up hype is it can backfire. Sometimes the hype built can lead people to expect TOO much from a game and leave them disappointed once they play it. Like Death Stranding. For me, Twilight Princess. For some, Breath of the Wild. To name a few.

        1. Yeah there is a long list of games that have had the same fate, I wish video games companies would stop doing stuff like this because it honestly does hurt their brand.

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