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NA: Nintendo recently delisted over 250 DSiWare games from the 3DS eShop

It would appear as though Nintendo has pulled the plug on quite a few DSiWare games that were available on the 3DS‘s eShop. The games taken down from the digital storefront only seem to apply for North America, but this could soon change if the European and Japanese eShop’s follow the same trend. It’s reported that over 250 titles have been delisted from 1st January and they all seem to be games that were released before mid-may 2011. There are, however, a handful of exceptions which are:

  • Art Academy: First Semester – Sept 2009
  • Art Academy: Second Semester – Sept 2009
  • Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr – April 2010
  • Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon – Oct 2009
  • Sudoku (Electronic Arts) – Oct 2009

There’s been no announcement from Nintendo or clarification as to why the above titles haven’t been touched, but if you’re thinking of grabbing any DSiWare games on the 3DS, and you’re not in North America, then we suggest you grab them sooner rather than later.

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9 thoughts on “NA: Nintendo recently delisted over 250 DSiWare games from the 3DS eShop”

  1. I never been interested in the dsiware games for real, like their are some hidden good gems on there, but most of them felt shovelware, their probably being pulled because of low sales in the us.

  2. BoxBoy is a great example of a DSiWare (just rolls of ththe tongue doesn’t it). I’m sure I missed out on a few great ones.

    This could have been a simple tweet or post it on the Switch news feed thing. But no, they just pull the plug and let the fans figure it out after the fact.

  3. Maybe they might roll those in for the nintendo switch pro. Somehow backwards compatible with the DS, GBA, GB, and 3DS.

    Hey i can dream.

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