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Rumour: KeliosFR is teasing a Pokemon Direct for February

Reliable leaker KeliosFR who is the webmaster @Pokekalos is teasing fans that there will be a Pokemon Direct on 27th February. The event will presumably showcase the next big mainline game in the immensely popular Pokemon franchise for the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been confirmed at present, but if it is, then we will let you know.


15 thoughts on “Rumour: KeliosFR is teasing a Pokemon Direct for February”

  1. Well pokemon sword and shield made me give up on the series. It’s clear their image of a pokemon game isn’t anything like mine.

    The transfer over to a more powerful console opened up a huge opportunity but it ended up being the same thing again. They slapped the pokemon name on there and made a mediocre open world imo, and there’s lots of great open world games to play already.

    With the amount of cash going into the franchise I’m not sure why it feels so low budget. Maybe they just need some new talent.

      1. To Share my opinion obviously lol you must be a fan. I never said I wasn’t interested btw. If I wasn’t interested I wouldnt have commented. I expressed my disappointment as a longtime pokemon fan.

    1. You literally said it made you give up on the series, so yeah it looks like you’ve come to something that you aren’t interested in just to have a stranger affirm your opinion.

      1. Ah Mo…tsk tsk tsk.. See this is wts called putting words in people’s mouth.
        Please don’t insert your own meanings into statements to help your own argument. The court of the comment section would not be happy with your fallacy !

    2. I’m very disappointed too. I was planning to not buy Sword, but when I see the sales were breaking records despite the controversy I decided to get it. If I didn’t have a living dex to add to I probably would be done with the series entirely as well.

      1. I’ve never cared much for catching them all. I’ve always wanted a nice story. I thought detective pikachu on 3ds had great presentation. If they just mixed those two together it would be great. In its current condition, it just doesn’t cut it for me unfortunately, their cutting corners all over the place.

        1. Oh that story was absolute trash, they didn’t even try. I was expecting a bait and switch where the league was actually the halfway point in Sword’s main story campaign, but they really waited until last minute to make something happen, and it wasn’t even good.

  2. What a interesting news we got for today, Pokemon Sword and Shield did really good in my part. But, I won’t get my hopes up for the next mainline game. I want to see how this looks first before I’m satisfied.

  3. I hate that Avery replaced Klara on shield. I wanted Klara because she is a cute girl. Avery sucks. Next time I won’t buy a pokemon game at launch. I was unaware of the dlc at the time. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

  4. Say what you want about Sword and Shield, you are all entitled to your opinions; however bias they may be, but this game is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had with a Pokémon game.

    Granted, I haven’t played many Pokémon games, just:

    Red, Crystal, Emerald, Stadium, Stadium 2, snap, FireRed, HeartGold, Pokémon Coliseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Battle revolution, Let’s Go Eevee, and of course, Pokémon Shield

    Still, I have taken up playing competitive, and having more fun doing that than in any other Pokémon experience. I honestly believe that anyone who says these games are too easy and are not fun or challenging has simply never played PvP in these games or at the very least, they haven’t played it well. I have over 600 hours in Shield, and I get to Master ball rank every season in both divisions. I have not stopped playing this game on a nearly daily basis since I got it, nor have a stopped having fun playing it. I fail to see why everyone hates this game so much. The QoL changes for competitive have been amazing to say the least. The grind always turned me off to these games, but now it’s so streamlined it barely counts as a grind anymore. I was finally able to try competitive, which is something I have wanted to do since I first saw Pokémon go online many years ago. All I can say is if this game hadn’t reduced the stupid amount of grind associated with that, I would have never tried it and would have missed out on a great thing. So I thank SwSh for that.

    Sure if all one cared about was playing the story (why would anyone ever play Pokémon for the story? That aspect has been terrible in every game I’ve played.) then you’d be in for a fairly poor time at least without the DLC, but to be fair all the games are easy, and I have never played one that was challenging in any way without manufacturing artificial difficulty like running a nuzlock. so not sure why everyone thinks this game is any easier that any of the others. Seems around the same.

    Your downfall was in believing that AI could actually challenge you in any way, you need opponents who have brains. Other real human beings who strategize, who train their Pokémon, and build their team with purpose. Without that you might as well just be tapping a single button mindlessly to win… because that’s basically what you’re doing.

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