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Second Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary pin set details revealed

Nintendo of America has revealed further details about the second set of the lovely Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary pins which will be available via My Nintendo. To claim the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury you will need to complete 14 additional Mario themed missions to be eligible. Of course, these pins will be available in limited quantities, so you will need to act quick. You can check them out in the image above.

3 thoughts on “Second Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary pin set details revealed”

  1. So far I only completed 13 missions, I’m hoping they add a bit more before february 12 because some mentions are game exclusive, and most missions are added on their randomly so you wouldn’t even know about it unless you check, I really do want to get this set because I completed alot of missions for the first set and never knew when they would give codes out.

    1. Edit they actually added more mission should have check the site, well at least I have a chance to get them 50/50 if site doesn’t crash when it comes to the time to redeem them

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