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Nintendo studio Next Level Games hiring for new projects

Canadian developer Next Level Games, which was recently acquired by Nintendo, has announced on Twitter that they are currently looking for a number of skilled individuals to help them develop future projects. The talented studio says that it is looking for a producer, art production manager, UI artist, lead test engineer, and more. The last game developed by Next Level Games was the spooky Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch you can read our review here.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo studio Next Level Games hiring for new projects”

    1. There’s nothing wrong with Fed Force. It’s a good 7/10 game. People like to bash it, but the vast majority of them never even player it. It doesn’t have an awful story like with Other M, it’s not a broken mess like with Sonic ’06 nor is it as painfully bad as Sticker Star/ Ziplash. It’s in the same category and quality as Triforce Heroes.

      1. “It doesn’t have an awful story like with Other M”

        Except um, Samus is a boss fight after she somehow gets captured and brainwashed by Space Pirates. The same Samus that, by this point in the series’ timeline, has single-handedly stormed a Space Pirate base and destroyed both it and their leader.

        The same Samus that then sneaked through another base armed with nothing but a handgun that could only stun.

        The same Samus that staved off an infection of phazon through sheer willpower until she managed to destroy all sources of it in the universe.

        I’m sorry but there’s no way Samus would realistically be caught off guard by Pirates to the point of being defeated. On top of that, from Prime onward, Space Pirates are directed to *kill* Samus on sight. I find it entirely unlikely that the Pirates would suddenly take the Bond Villain approach and give Samus a chance to be saved/save herself if they manage to take her down.

        No, the story as a whole is not as bad as Other M, but this one plot point of Samus being captured and brainwashed is both an insult to the character as well as flies in the face of established lore, and I still find it unacceptable.

  1. LM3 is a marvelous game, I would entrust them any IP. (Advance Wars for Switch, c’mon Nintendo make it happen.)

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