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Nintendo is updating its multiplayer server system

Developer and tech enthusiast Thomasnet_mc has informed Nintendo fans on Twitter that the company is in the process of updating its NEX multiplayer server system, which the company has been using for the past eighteen years. The NEX system is going to be switched over to the newer NPLN system. He notes that it is currently in a preview phase at the Kyoto-based company. The first game to test the new system is Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise. The new service was trialed in the Monster Hunter Rise demo which first became available on 7th January 2021. It is not clear whether we should expect huge improvements, but the multiplayer mode in the Monster Hunter Rise demo was apparently a success.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo is updating its multiplayer server system”

  1. Wait, is Nintendo ACTUALLY choosing to stop dangling cheap bait over kids’ heads and fix their bad online? Will they really do this to fix the online from their earlier titles?

    highly doubt it

  2. So I only tried online multiplayer once in the MH Demo and it was so awful I couldn’t even finish the game, like it was absolutely unplayable and I eventually just went to the home screen and closed the game.

    1. There was a unrealated glitch for people with over something like 50 switch freinds that caused really bad stuttering in monster hunter Rise. if you expericenced this glitch it isn’t representitve of what the online in the game is like. If you don’t experience this glitch than the online experience seemed really solid.

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