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Nintendo will discuss software line up “at the appropriate time”, reiterates that more titles are being prepared

Details about the latest financial results meeting have surfaced where Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa answered a few questions from investors and gave an insight into what the Kyoto-based company is planning for the coming months. Naturally, the comments made about upcoming software for the Nintendo Switch was as vague as expected but Furukawa’s comments still shouldn’t be ignored.

Talking about what’s coming up in the near future, he said to investors “Our software lineup for next fiscal year is a topic we will discuss at the appropriate time,”. On the subject on what’ Nintendo has announced already, Furukawa touched on Mario’s next adventure, Monster Hunter and Pokemon Snap as being the notable, imminent releases. “We have already announced our plans to release Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury in February, followed by Monster Hunter Rise in March, and New Pokémon Snap in April.”

The Nintendo President finished by stating “As always, we are preparing a variety of software titles for consumers in the coming fiscal year.”

It certainly looks like Nintendo is continuing to change the way they announce and release games. Perhaps the Metroid Prime 4 situation has highlighted the importance of announcing and releasing titles within a shorter time frame. Still, it’s looking slightly more hopeful for the near future and of course we have Zelda’s anniversary this year.

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17 thoughts on “Nintendo will discuss software line up “at the appropriate time”, reiterates that more titles are being prepared”

  1. Let’s get a little speculation discussion going here. Everybody comment saying the games you think are coming out this year. For me, I think a Splatoon spin-off is coming soon, as well as BOTW 2.

    1. MK9 and BotW2 released alongside Switch Pro, mirroring the launch of the Switch in 2017.

      MK8D is still selling boatloads, but it’s a 7-year-old game. I think there’s a sizable portion of gamers who have played the core MK8 game (or even Deluxe at friends’ homes) enough that they’re not gonna buy a Switch just to get MK8D. But plenty of people would buy a Switch for a brand new MK game. It’s been a super long time and it would propel the sales of a new hardware edition, the Switch Pro, which seems imminent. MK9 will be playable on Switch, but will have better performance on Switch Pro.

      BotW had delays because it was the first HD Zelda, it was open-world which requires a lot more development, Nintendo had to create their own physics engine, and they had to develop a port for Switch, which featured a different architecture. The Wii U was a stepping stone in a lot of ways. Nintendo now has a better idea of development time because the Switch is performing very well. They don’t have a failing console that may or may not be unsalvageable, they have more HD experience, they have the foundation for a sequel’s open world built, they have the physics engine built, and they apparently had plenty of ideas after creating the BotW DLC, so they know what to make. There’s no way BotW2 doesn’t come out this year. COVID hasn’t slowed down development that much, as evidenced by the on-time release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

      A 3D Zelda collection will also be coming but I don’t see it wowing very many people. Zelda has too many beloved 3D games to all cram in a $60 game. I think they release WW and TP together in a duo for $60, and a Skyward Sword “remaster” standalone. They may surprise with an OoT+MM bundle, but I doubt it. It can’t be easy to take the 3DS ports and fit them to Switch, and their main port developers (like Grezzo), are probably working on Skyward Sword and WW+TP. I’d love to be wrong about this because OoT is one of the few games I’d buy again, but I don’t think I am.

  2. They started working on BOTW 2 almost immediately after the first one came out so id assume its gonna be ready come winter.

  3. Just pretend Nintendo never announced anything so then it’ll be a surprise when they do.
    It’s called “Bayo-threeing” and all the cool kids are doing it.

  4. Well aside from BotW 2 and Metroid Prime 4, what else do we know of?

    I just want them to make a game in a series that hasn’t been touched in awhile. The Switch has all the heavy-hitters it needs (Super Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing)- it’s time to give some attention to their ever-increasing catalogue of neglected series.

  5. Imagine a zelda all stars. Twighlight, wind waker and sky all in 1 package. Updated graphics.

    Nintendos history when it comes to remakes or reboots tho is pretty appalling

  6. And everyone forgets pokemon’s 25 birthday at the end of this month, with diamond and Pearl remakes, possibly Pokemon go Johto, and a possible collaboration of all retro handheld versions of the main series games up to black and white on one single switch game :)

  7. There hasn’t been a new DK game yet this generation. DK is a well known IP that isn’t overplayed. DK is due, but we’ve had some sweet 2d games the last 2 generations. Maybe it is time for another swing at Donkey Kong in 3D. DK64 has its fans, but isn’t remembered as a classic. Would like to see what a 3D Donkey Kong game would look/play like in 2021.

  8. this is not just the pandemic that is affecting this. if the switch pro is coming out this year, they are probably holding off on announcing too many games… that might have enhancements on a switch pro….

  9. What ever happened to wii sports game why didn’t they make one for the switch it was a top seller? Please don’t anyone tell me 1-2 switch crap game was there solution to that game.

  10. I would love to see old Nintendo IPs such as Golden Sun Chibi Robo, F-Zero and Rhythm Heaven receive Switch titles. There are so many amazing IPs they could make games for and they would definitely garner a lot of sales for the company.

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