E3 being planned as a digital event for 2021

Video Game Chronicle is reporting that the ESA is preparing to host a digital E3 conference this summer. Normally the event takes place in June and is held in Los Angeles, but with the coronavirus pandemic sadly still widespread, the traditional gaming event clearly won’t be happening this summer. The E3 2021 pitch documents propose that the event this year will be three days of live-streamed coverage from 15th -17th June. However, ultimately the plans still require the approval of the ESA’s membership. We will let you know if it is given the go ahead.

“The ESA’s intention is to hold multiple two-hour keynote sessions from games partners, an awards show, a June 14 preview night and other smaller streams from games publishers, influencers and media partners.

The broadcast event would be supplemented by media previews the week before, as well as demos released on consumer platforms, according to the ESA’s proposal.

The ESA also says it will allow partner companies to remotely stream playable game demos to the media across “thousands” of scheduled meetings, with one-to-one assistance from developers.”

Video Games Chronicle



  1. I just want everything to be completely back to normal by 2022.

    The way Nintendo handled things last year, as well as their screw-up in 2019, one would think the the pandemic was the most convenient thing that could happen to them.

    In their heads, a pandemic that keeps people home and cancels so many events, where people become desperate for content – no matter how underwhelming or opposite of what hardcore fans actually want, sounds like a sweet deal for them (especially after the whole Dexit outcry, plus the usual drama regarding Smash fighter reveals or anything Paper Mario/LOZ/Metroid).

    The only thing that really hurt them was the gigaleak.

    1. Agreed. I don’t care if things will be delayed until possibly 2023, I just want to know what they’re working on. I often get preoccupied with other things and not get a game if they announce it just 2 months in advance.

      1. Yeah same here. I haven’t gotten any new games lately since October 2020 and everything are always tight on Nintendo employees and their development schedules. Some games can get delayed because of this outbreak causing there upcoming games being delayed and many deaths have been recently reported from people who got the virus witch is really sad.

      2. 2023? That’s a bit long…. We’re in early 2021 and we just got finished with 2023. Some of us how to move on before we grow embarrassingly old.

  2. Once this whole COVID-19 disappears soon, everything will be back to normal even so it’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

    I hope this year and digital event goes really well for my expenses.

    Plus I’m still thinking that SEGA could be apart of this digital event for Sonic’s 30th anniversary.

  3. Sweet, though it has been a long time since Nintendo has done a big showcase, mostly been smaller more focused showcases. I’m not going to hope for a big show on stage or big Nintendo Direct even. At this point I have to assume those are in the past and these mini direct type videos are all we will get. Like Bayonetta 3, forget about the big Nintendo Directs for now, and maybe someday you’ll get a nice surprise.

  4. It’s sad that everyone’s under the assumption that this virus outbreak is going to end. Well, I got news. It’s here to stay, just like the other viruses and cancers out there. There’s no going back to normal because this IS our new normal. Just like if anything, digital events are going to be the new normal, and soon, all games period will be digital.

    It’s time to wake up from the delusions of nostalgia, people! It’s time to adjust to the changes happening now.

    1. No, this isn’t the new normal. Masks and social distancing are only in place until the vaccine becomes available to enough people. If we have to keep wearing masks despite the high survivability rate and vaccine roll-out because the virus isn’t totally and completely wiped out then that’d be dumb af. We didn’t have to wear masks even when influenza was still out there.

        1. Look up masks in 2020 for influenza, we’re just following the same guidelines like they did for a previous pandemic, and Fauci himself has said that Covid is going to be endemic. Thinking we’re going to have to stick these precautions permanently is not rational.

    2. We will adapt to live with this virus and will/have already adapted to live our lives amongst the pandemic, but we will certainly return to a bit more normality very soon.
      The human race is not over yet. Robots can wait a few decades before the human race evolves to nothing. I’m ranting now.
      Use common sense and stay safe and normality with more cleanliness is around the corner.

  5. Now this is good.
    Last year was a total bust due to COVID-19, but it also gave them plenty of time to prepare for the following year in a DIGITAL format.

  6. A lot has accumulated over the past two years and it would be a perfect time for Nintendo to show how much progress have been taking place for games in development like Bayonetta3, BoTW2, NMH3, TWEWY NEO and Metroid Prime 4, in addition to a couple of new game announcements like the sequel to Mario Odyssey or a totally brand new IP.

    The above will help satiate some of the fan’s thirst for news.

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