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Reggie reveals his favourite moments as Nintendo of America president

YouTube channel GamerTagRadio recently had the opportunity to interview former Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime. The interview was centred around the topic of Reggie’s favourite memories from his 15 years at Nintendo. I think you can guess which was his favourite and it was the Wii Fit E3 demo just before he stepped on the Wii Balance Board when he famously said “My body is ready.” Here’s his thoughts:

“There are so many, everything from my very first E3 and the famous words, ‘My name is Reggie I’m about kicking ass and taking names and we’re about making games.’ That was a phenomenal moment. At that same E3, when we played a Zelda trailer for what became Twilight Princess, and having the media cry … I mean literally! The jaded media. These folks had tears streaming down their faces.”

“The event where we launched the Wii and myself, Mr. Iwata, Mr. Miyamoto and a contestant who had won the opportunity to play live with us on stage. That was a magical moment.”

“Each one was different. Each one was special. Each one helped drive the business, the brand, the products forward. That’s what made those 15 years with the company so special.”

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4 thoughts on “Reggie reveals his favourite moments as Nintendo of America president”

  1. honestly, we’re better off without this guy. Anyone who talks bad about any console period doesn’t deserve to run a company. Even more so when their current product is made of cheaply made garbage and that its predecessor functions better.

  2. I still can’t understand why Reggie retired from Nintendo so early. He could have stayed for SO many more years. Things have been so boring since he left. Actually, ever since Iwata passed away. Sometimes I wonder if Iwata’s passing had anything to do with Reggie not wanting to stay there any longer.

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