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The Wii U firmware has been updated to version 5.5.5 U

This month is the 4th anniversary of the Nintendo Switch. But, Nintendo is apparently still not done with the Wii U just yet. For the first time in 2 and a half years, Nintendo has released a firmware update for the Wii U. This means that your console, if you still use it, can be updated to version 5.5.5 U.

Unsurprisingly, the official patch notes don’t have much. In fact, the only thing mentioned is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. A tweet relaying the news and the official patch notes is down below.

19 thoughts on “The Wii U firmware has been updated to version 5.5.5 U”

    1. Are you dumb? They don’t improve anything of the firmware. What they are doing is trying to keep people from installing custom firmware so they can’t extend the usabilty of their already dust collecting system. They also try to ban people who still install custom firmware. That is LITERALLY ALL THAT “STABLITY IMPROVEMENTS” DO!!!

  1. I still use mine for Netflix and VC games (mostly GBA and N64).

    I think Netflix supporr is ending in a few months though… RIP Wii U.

  2. My 5 favorite games are sonic transformed, watch dogs, smash bros, mario kart 8 and hyrule warriors.

    1. Wii U certainly is an underrated console. Sadly it probably won’t be remembered fondly in the future because almost everything worthwhile on it has gotten an enhanced port on the Switch.

  3. There’s nothing left, Nintendo! NOTHING LEFT!!!!!

    Multiple websites don’t even load on the browser anymore!

    The system’s dead, many people have modded it as much as they could, leave it alone!

  4. Speaking of the Wii U; Am I the only person that really wishes the Wii U Gamepad worked with the Nintendo Switch? If it’s undocked it can just work as a normal controller but if the system is in docked mode, it could display a second screen.
    Plus; It would be a nice gesture for people that actually paid for a Nintendo Wii U.

  5. I still love my Wii U. I can download NES / SNES / N64 / GBA / DS / Wii games on it, for prettycheap too! :D

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