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Did You Know Gaming? looks into the making of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild for Wii U and Nintendo Switch is highly regarded as one of the strongest entries into the series, and for good reason. The change in direction for the franchise was welcomed by most of its fanbase; having an open world Hyrule to explore was (and still is) absolutely fantastic and the Did You Know Gaming? YouTube channel has looked into some of the behind the scenes into how the game came to be. It’s well worth watching the 20 minute video if you have the time, but one fact that sticks out is that in an early prototype of the game, the developers used the Japanese city of Kyoto as reference for Hyrule’s places of interest on the game’s map. The team behind the title thought how traversing Kyoto and reaching landmarks could be translated in the game.

Whether or not the Hyrule as we know it will be available in BOTW2 to visit is still up for questioning, but we hopefully won’t have to wait too long for more info. Producer Eiji Aonuma mentioned in the latest Nintendo Direct that we will be hearing more about the development of the highly anticipated sequel this year.

There are many intriguing details in the video and you can check out the discoveries just below in their YouTube video.


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