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No cross-progression yet for Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch, dev says “We’re doing work to try to make that happen”

Apex Legends is making its way onto Nintendo Switch tomorrow, and while the title will support cross-play – meaning players will be able to go up against folk who are playing on a different console – unfortunately, the title won’t launch with cross-progression. Thanks to a Nintendo Life interview with the game’s developer, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and should see it soon as Respawn’s Chad Grenier said he even wanted to bring over his progress from another console to Switch. Thankfully, the team are hard at work at making it happen so hopefully the game will be patched soon to include cross-progression.

Here’s what Grenier had to say on the matter:

It is planned, but I think we’re a ways out from being able to offer that. I really want it as a gamer myself, so I hear what our fans are saying and I totally agree with them. We’re doing work to try to make that happen, it’s a complex challenge of multiple accounts existing for various users that we have to resolve or merge, there are legal and contractual things to navigate with purchasing on other platforms and having those carryover and also some technical challenges. So it’s not something we can just turn on, but we are working towards having it and the team is passionate about delivering it at some point.


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