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Nintendo offering Gold Points when you buy a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online membership

For a limited time, Nintendo is offering players Gold Points to use on the eShop when they renew their online membership. The offer is valid until 10th May and people who purchase a 12-month membership will earn back £3.15 worth of eShop credit to use for their next digital purchase. So if you’ve been thinking of buying an annual subscription, or you’re simply looking to top up your membership, it’s worth doing it sooner rather than later.

9 thoughts on “Nintendo offering Gold Points when you buy a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online membership”

  1. Mines is already active for a year guess I’ll buy another extension in april just to get in on this considering I won’t be buying any games in march or april

    1. Each is worth 1 cent of eshop money. Maybe you mistake them for platinum points which are basically worthless.

      1. I bought like 20 full priced games on eshop and my gold points don’t even equate to $5. I love Nintendo but their rewards system is as good as their online infrastructure.

      2. Something must be wrong with your switch than cause if you brought up to 20 $60 switch games it would equal up to $60, as each $60 game gives you $3 in gold points, their are also times when nintendo allows triple or double gold points for preording a game early too. I brought mario maker 2 $18 dollars off with my gold points and new horizons $8 dollars off I was able to use my gold points on most of the first party games, so I honestly don’t see how you only have $5 from buying all those games.

    2. Remember, gold coins expire. So maybe the reason why yours only amount to a small quality is because they’re expiring before you get to use them.

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