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Monster Hunter Rise Day 1 Patch Version 1.1.1 detailed

Capcom has detailed the contents of the day one patch for Monster Hunter Rise which will bring the game to Version 1.1.1. Monster Hunter Rise launches on the Switch this Friday and we recently awarded the game an excellent 9/10 in our recent review which you can read here. The update brings with it the ability to collect bonuses and pre-order content along with the usual bug fixes. Here’s the details from Capcom:

Main Additions / Changes

  • Access to the content from the Deluxe Kit, as well as the add-on content from pre-order bonuses and amiibo bonuses.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.



  1. What they didnt say was the update also added something to combat CFW (homebrew) of the game.
    Its already leaked into the emulation space and ppl are already having it run better than on Switch. lol

  2. “add-on content from pre-order bonuses and amiibo bonuses”

    Ah yes, that would be great if I could actually buy the amiibos!

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