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Nintendo is ending Super Mario 35th celebrations by saying that “Mario will continue to power-up”

It isn’t March 31st in western regions just yet, but the final day of Nintendo‘s Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations has already arrived in many eastern regions, including Japan. Nintendo has decided to acknowledge the final day of festivities via their official Twitter accounts. Their Japanese Twitter account, for example, posted one earlier tonight.

According to Google Translate’s translation of the tweet, Nintendo said that “the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Campaign ends today, March 31st. We would like to thank all who participated. Mario will continue to power up, so please continue to support us”. Remember that Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35 are all going to be unavailable beginning on April 1st, so if you haven’t gotten them yet, you’ll need to hurry. In the meantime, Nintendo’s tweet is down below.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo is ending Super Mario 35th celebrations by saying that “Mario will continue to power-up””

  1. At this point, I can only presume the limited release of 3D All-Stars is because Nintendo ashamed of their mid 90s-mid 00s era… for some reason, given their insistence on not acknowledging most games from that era (aside from borrowed aesthetics and design points).

  2. Wouldn’t that be evil if they sent out a patch tomorrow that prevented 3D All Stars from booting up?

    I already have 3D All Stars and the Game & Watch (which is servicing as a clock for my computer desk). So, I’m all set.

    Here’s looking forward to the Zelda All Stars and Zelda edition Game & Watch.

    And let’s not forget about Samus, it’s her 35th birthday too. Here’s hoping for Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Anniversary edition, Metroid: Samus Returns HD for the Switch, Super Metroid Remake, Metroid 2D Anniversary Collection and a Metroid edition Game & Watch. Along with a Veria Suit for Animal Crossing, Samus in Fortnite and Nintendo Store swag too.

  3. Can you imagine if tomorrow comes around and all this ended up being a really long build up to an April Fools joke?

  4. Mario 35th annivesary was pretty disappointing if you ask me, I mean we honestly got 1 and a half new mario games, orgami king(A good game but kinda a weird way to start off mario festivities) and bowser fury (Another good game but pretty short so it barely counts) the rest were just ports, I was honestly expecting like a new fully fledge 2d or 3d mario game, I’m happy with what we got, but I know other people are disappointed with nintendo lastest pratice and I honestly don’t blame them.

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