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Rumour: Sonic Colours Remastered has been leaked by dubbing studio and French retailer

A French video game store along with a German dubbing company seem to have both confirmed that The Sonic Team have been working hard on a remaster of the 2010 Wii title Sonic Colours. The German dubbing studio iksample listed the game earlier today as a title that they’ve been working on, but chose a Sonic Boom graphic. French online game retailer SoGamely is also listing a Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition for Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At present it has not been confirmed as something that the team is working on, but that’s two separate sources the German dubbing company and the French company.


16 thoughts on “Rumour: Sonic Colours Remastered has been leaked by dubbing studio and French retailer”

  1. Sure, a PONTAFF game gets a remaster.

    The only good thing that can come out of this are mods. Smash, Odyssey, and SM3DW/BF get theirs despite not being on PC.

  2. Why this one though? We’ve been asking for a Sonic Adventure 1 or SA2 remake/remaster for years now, if we can’t have SA3. Not that Colors was bad, because it wasn’t, but no one was asking for that one to get the remastering treatment.

    1. Because Sonic colours only released on Nintendo platforms. It a good idea to get people who never owned the game previously because the never had a Wii want to buy it.

  3. I hate jumping to conclusions…but don’t tell me Sega’s big plan to revive the sonic franchise is by making remasters. I mean I’m gonna be honest I never cared for Colors so I can’t say if it’s a bad game or not, but they should be focusing all their resources on creating a game that pushes boundaries and gives everyone a reason to get back into the blue blur again, instead of making a remaster of a game that’s not even in the Top 10 of sonic games. Or maybe Colors actually is that popular?

    1. Colors was well-received by most outlets. I played both the Wii and DS versions and enjoyed them both, though imo the DS one was a bit better. Yes, it is a boost-formula game but the Wisp power-ups were well implemented and actually felt good to have in the game- better than the werehog in Unleashed or the parkour mechanics in Lost World.

  4. I hate classic sonic, big the cat and omochao just as much as Avery and Hop on pokemon. Sega hates money if sonic colors is not ported digitally on Nintendo switch in the United States.

  5. SonicIsDyingBruceWayne21

    I skipped sonic mania because I find it inferior to sonic adventure, adventure 2, heroes, shadow the hedgehog, riders, advance trilogy, rush, unleashed, generations, transformed, all stars racing, 3ds booms, forces, team sonic racing, sonic the fighters and even 06.

  6. Sega needs to stop listening to fools like Arin Hanson. He hates all of the sonic games on Nintendo platforms.

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