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2K Representative says that Borderlands 3 isn’t coming to Switch

Yesterday it was discovered that PEGI rated Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut for the Nintendo Switch system, however, it turns out that it isn’t coming to the platform after all. Many were surprised to see that it has been rated for the system and were wondering whether it was set to be a cloud based version. Today, it turns out that the rating was a mistake as a 2K representative told GameSpot writer Gabe Gurwin that is not coming to Switch.

10 thoughts on “2K Representative says that Borderlands 3 isn’t coming to Switch”

    1. It would, but when i used to play this game like everyday on the ps4, it would crash, have framerate drops and would be kick me out when I’m playing with friends. So picture it on the switch 😭😭

  1. Yes, the ratings board for which the actual game slated for release must be submitted in order to get an age rating for the release made a mistake, according to 2k. Uh huh. I will totally believe that.

  2. That makes me so sad one reason zi even bought the switvh was because boaderlands was released for it. Such a bummer. Guess I wont be playing that game.

  3. Once again switch players get the short end of the stick….” here play every other borderlands game but just so you know you cant play the new ones”

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