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The original Shantae is coming to the Switch eShop on April 22nd

WayForward’s Shantae franchise did not begin on a home console. In fact, the very first game in the series released in 2002 on the Game Boy Color. Almost a couple of decades later, 4 more games in the series have been released, and all of the 4 can be found on the Nintendo Switch. The original is not on the Switch, but that’s about to change.

WayForward has announced that the Shantae game that started it all is not only coming to the Nintendo Switch, but you’ll be able to play it on April 22nd. Once this happens, then every single Shantae game can be found on Nintendo’s console. You can see the release date trailer of the port down below.

12 thoughts on “The original Shantae is coming to the Switch eShop on April 22nd”

  1. Give it up for wanting Shantae in Smash, sheeple. After seeing what they did with getting Mythra in, it’s clear that they refuse to accept anyone who’s showing cleavage as a fighter

    1. Yes, because people want her in for the breasts and jiggle physics. Not because she’s a recognizable indie character that’s been around for two decades. Not because she has high potential for a fun and unique moveset. Not because Smash could use more female fighters in general. Just the boobies.

      Can you even think critically? Or do you just like being critical of people with other opinions?

      1. +Susloonlove
        Imagine telling someone to use their head and that anyone showing cleaving isn’t getting in when you literally have Zero Suit Samus in a bikini. Not to mention we also have Sephiroth and Shulk totally topless.
        I don’t know what kind of logic you are using here but it’s objectively horrible.

  2. I played the original on the 3DS, and I couldn’t play more than an hour or so of it. It just hasn’t aged well at all. I love every other game in the series, though!

    1. This game isn’t too bad, but the lack of an ingame map definitely hurt it a lot. But it’s still really impressive what they were able to pull off on the GBC. If you use a map for it on the internet, it’s suddenly a much better game.

  3. I’m just hoping for some updated controls. Other than that, I loved Shantae on the GBC. Just as I have loved each Shantae game.
    I still have the cartridge, the 3DS port and I will get it on the Switch too.

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