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Castlevania Season 4 will be coming to Netflix

Update: It has been confirmed that Season 4 will air on 13th May.

Netflix has teased that the Castlevania animated series will be returning for a fourth season which should please fans. The previous seasons have gone down well with critics so the new season should hopefully follow the same path. Warren Ellis, who is the season creator, most likely won’t be at the helm as he was previously accused of abuse by a number of women. Netflix has yet to commit to a date for Season 4, but no doubt they will soon. Check out the new artwork for Castlevania Season 4.

14 thoughts on “Castlevania Season 4 will be coming to Netflix”

  1. This show became trash thanks to the second season.
    Now, all of a sudden out of nowhere, Alucard is bi aka gay because the creators of the show wanted some woke BS representation and threw in unnecessary sex scenes in there for no god damn reason.
    F!@# this sh!t show.

    1. Why do you care? Vampires have been depicted as bi for years man stop crying you absolute little loser.

      What do you mean bi aka gay? Gotta tell you man thats the kinda of stuff religious conservatives say to themselves when they are conflicted about thier own sexuality.

      1. “Why do you care”? Um, maybe because he’s a castlevania fan?? Who’s asks such an obvious question lmao. The guy who wrote the show knows nothing about the Castlevania series and tried to make the show according to how he wants it. Instead of just learning about the series and then creating the show he just ignored the lore, filled it with unecessary sub plots, sex scenes every 5 seconds, flirting, and just ignores even the slightest details. So no it’s not “the kinda of stuff religious conservatives say to themselves when they are conflicted about thier own sexuality.” Castlevania was never about some queer and emotionally weak Alurcard who wants to hook up with every human he meets. That’s some bit of stupidity the writer added in.

        Lmfao “Vampires have been depicted as bi for years man stop crying you absolute little loser” Castlevania isn’t and never was about Bi sexual Vampires so you bringing that up has zero relevance here other than you trying to be a smartass. Look if you like that garbage show then just say it, we won’t judge you. But insulting others for criticizing the show is where you’re out of line kid. Grow up ffs.

      2. He wasn’t complaining because “it doesn’t stick yo tge lore” so shut the fuck up. He’s getting called out because in his own words “all of a sudden Alucard is bi aka gay”, if you cant see the massive problem with his argument you are just as much of a prick. Sorry you are “some queer emotionally weak” Jesus man do you hear the way you talk.

        Oh so you know everything about Castlevania now? If you are such a big fan you’d be well aware that there isn’t a huge amount of characterisation to go off. Not a huge amount of personality is displayed by any of the characters really at any point. Which is totally fine for a game but especially a NES game which this is based off.

        Never been about bi sexual vampires…..

        The whole game series… in its entirety…
        Borrows from every bit of horror culture you can imagine and does so proudly. The main bad guy is dracula ffs hahahahahaha you fight frankenstiens monster in loads of the games. So from borrowing from other sources they are doing exactly what the games do. Also Alucard is a tank in the show. But I’m sure in your mind being bi/gay and being a bagasse are mutually exclusive. Emotionally weak because his only family are all dead what do you expect like hahaha

        Also what do you want the show to be? Every season
        Dracula is alive again and they go back to his castle? What part of the lore do you want them to follow honestly? They’ve pretty much covered everything Trevor was involved with in the games. Of course they have to make up a story what do you expect.

        So let’s get back to the real reason you and that other fuckin loser take umbridge with the show. In your own word “queer” Alucard and you have the balls to tell me to grow up. Have a look at yourself.

      3. Just wow. You actually call that illiterate bit of nonsense you wrote an arguement?

        I mean c’mon “Jesus man do you hear the way you talk…..But I’m sure in your mind being bi/gay and being a bagasse are mutually exclusive…..In your own word “queer” Alucard and you have the balls to tell me to grow up. Have a look at yourself.”

        Don’t think I’ve ever cringed so hard just from reading something before. All you did was write a whole paragraph about utter nonsense and illiterate insults to make yourself sound intelligent. That was every bit embarassing as it was pathetic. Sure I already knew you’re a keyboard warrior who at best can’t even put up a decent arguement but even then I was expecting something more than that disapointing pile of crap you wrote.

      4. “I dont a have reply or an answer to anything you’ve said so ill just say cringe and illiterate”


        fuck off mate, the irony is fairly strong with you isn’t it?

        Why did you bother replying if it was gona be that bad. You can’t say someone can’t put up a decent argument in the same post you refuse to defend your own because you are incapable of it.

        You got called out for being a piece of bigoted shit if you’re not going to defend yourself at least have the decency to just fuck off from the post.

      5. Willow, you aren’t being honest about the argument being presented, and you’re being openly bigoted against religious conservatives while you do so. Grow some integrity.

        The complaint is that the show had unnecessary elements thrown in to promote the worldview of the writers. This would be irritating to many regardless of what worldview that was. If Alucard stopped every now again to talk about how amazing capitalism is, that would be jarring and irritating to many, capitalists included. If Alucard had a scene to monologue about how horrible racism is, you don’t have to be a racist to find it inappropriate and immersion breaking to a Castlevania show.

        As for me, I stopped enjoying the show in Season 1 for similar reasons. They rewrote Castlevania so that the church are the bad guys and Dracula is a poor victim. Yes, Alucard’s mother was executed in the SOTN. No, there weren’t grand church conspiracies to murder and abuse people on purpose. The writers very clearly want to mold the franchise to fit their personal preferences and I’m just not interested in their fan fic.

        So you have two options willow, more or less. You can engage with the central complaint honestly, or you can continue trying to convince us you have Christianophobia.

      6. Thats the argument you are putting forward. Which is understandable if that is you’re reason for disliking the show but don’t honestly try and stand there and tell me that was the same argument these to pricks were putting up. If you are how the fuck can you talk to me about integrity?

        Ffs the first lad literally says he’s “bi aka gay”. Thats the “central complaint”. You can’t just change it to suit the avenue of argument you want to go down here. Either you are an idiot and don’t realise thats what you are doing or you are purposefully misconstruing the entire point.

        Did we watch the same show? How did they make Dracula the the poor victim he is literally the bad guy in the show. The whole show is about 3 people getting together to kill Dracula. Like Alucard they had to give some more depth other than “BAD GUY”.

        I can see your main issue is the religious side of it and hate to break it to you man the church at the time especially in Eastern Europe where this show is supposed to be based were involved in some horrible horrible shit.

        You also know in the story in the games Trevor is shunned by the chuch and the people yeah? Plus Dracula mentions in the games he wanted revenge on all of humanity not just the church for his wife just like the show so that point makes fuck all sense as does the “monologue” point you try and bring up. At no point does Alucard monologue for a few minutes about how much he loves penis does he?

        If you don’t like the show thats cool don’t try and make out I have a problem with people not liking the show. I’ve been abundantly clear what my issue is. Trying to use “lore” to defend blatant homophobia isn’t alright. Especially when the arguments make no sense and a lot of the “lore” supports or allows for the things they have an issue with.

        As for Christianophobia. Phobia implies an irrational fear I don’t think a fear of any religion including chirstianity can be deemed irrational, its less than 100 years since the chuch were on the wrong side of WWII. Pius was called hitlers pope at the time by many man and for plenty of reasons.

        In my own country mass graves have been found fairly recently of babies and children. Up to 800 who were put there by the church, many of them orphans in the churches care. So yeah not exactly a phobia man.

    2. lul at willow212 being a little bitch who is so overly sensitive to a comment. Plus, is queer ‘rep’ even good if it’s depicted as rape? Imma say no.

      Alucard was raped, it was stupid and gross and I hate the writers for it. Proves a straight woke person it bc they couldn’t see the huge issue with making their ‘teh gay smex!’ scene a rape scene.

      1. Fuck man are you even allowed outside by yourself? Can’t even wrap my head around how anyone could misunderstand something so bad.

        Please don’t have kids

    1. This series was a total woke garbage bait and switch just like heman revelations, I grew up with the lore and games expected this to be faithful as they promise(adi shankir fuck you) and they destroyed everything with uneeded changes to beloved characters, agendas and bs storylines that didnt happened in the games,season 1was good and season 2 even though they made changes like Isaacs race and spotlight making Hector a total bitch was ok, season3 literally fucked up everything,disgusting alucard rape scene making him a depressed crybaby, hector still being a bitch sex slave, Isaac gets the spotlight and a tokenized backstory so you can relate to and a convoluted non canon storyline, I dont even care about season 4 at this point im glad this has been cancelled and it was all the projection of Waren Ellis sexual fetishes to please fanfic and im glad he is in jail.

  2. Yep I’m very dissapointed with season 3 too, they changed a lot Alucard and now it’s impossible to him to be the one we know at SOTN. But I believe that for whom are not a big Alucard fan the show still working well. Unfortunately I’m a great Alucard fan and stop watching…but I have to confess this art just gave me a small will to see.

  3. Unfortunate to see all the criticism here. As a fan of Castlevania for quite some time, I love what they’ve done, especially given that many of the old games aren’t very story heavy.

    If anything, I’m more curious about Alucard now than I ever was about him in the games. In the games, he always had a straight-as-an-arrow morality which was fine if typical. Here, we actually get to see him grip with his own darker emotions, which I imagine will lead to more character growth and he’ll become the protector of humanity he’s come to be known as in the games. Trevor, Sylpha, and Issac’s stories are also very curious, with Issac himself having some of the best moments of Season 3.

    All in all, I’m excited for this.

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