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Nintendo is suing Gary Bowser, leader of Switch hacking group

The leader of a prolific Nintendo Switch hacking group called Team Xecuter has been sued by Nintendo, Polygon has reported. Aptly named, Gary Bowser was arrested last year along with Max Louarn and was charged with 11 felony counts for making and selling hacks and allegedly violating copyright, but now Nintendo is aiming for damages to be paid. The lawsuit that was filed on Friday could see Bowser and the company in question pay a considerable amount of cash should the lawsuit be successful. Team Xecuter is expected to shell out $150,000 for each copyright infringement and $2,500 for each device that’s been sold.

Nintendo has outlined that Team Xecuter has been in operation from at least 2013 with the for-profit hacking company selling kits that exploited the 3DS hardware.


20 thoughts on “Nintendo is suing Gary Bowser, leader of Switch hacking group”

  1. Battle of the Bowsers: Hacking vs. BS Practices (such as FOMO and anti-Etika)

    Except I can’t put DB in the same category as the obtuse Japanese businessmen overseas.

    1. They aren’t Anti-Etika. They didn’t allow the Joycons because then everyone would start applying suicide victims to their projects to circumnavigate copyright. People will use anything to get away with what ever they want.

      1. +Lucky Bunny
        Hang on, what? I heard it was because they were using the Joycon Trademark and by law Nintendo has to protect their Trademarks or they will lose the right to them.
        Once they removed any reference to the Joycons from the resells, Nintendo backed off.

    1. Exactly. I don’t mind if hackers help you to install custom firmware, that’s perfectly legal. It’s your device and you can do with it whatever you want. But selling pirating tools (and maybe even ROMs) is just aweful. I don’t judge anyone who is pirating for their own good, but making money with piracy is scummy.

    1. They literally made and sold hacks that made the entire 3DS and WiiU eShop library downloadable for free. It wasn’t “just folders and themes”.

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