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The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 12.0.1

It has only been a couple of weeks since Nintendo had released their version 12.0.0 update for the firmware of the Nintendo Switch. Since then, people have datamined the update and found little things buried in the files. Although the update had been nothing major, it has fueled speculation about Nintendo’s plans for the future.

In the meantime, another firmware update has been released by Nintendo. Once you update, the firmware should be at version 12.0.1. This time, the small patch notes are not a surprise. All Nintendo says is that there are “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”.


10 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 12.0.1”

      1. Yeah me too. I think Nintendo is trying to get everything ready before the big future update for the switch come to the verdict for us fans. Some people trying to figure out why Nintendo do this for the past months now.

  1. Switch will be so stable one day that it & it’s dock will give Freeza & his hover pod a run for their money.

    How’s that joke? Good? Bad? Success? Failure? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!? 👿😫

    1. hell……………we have been getting “stable” since the wii days…….2 generations of stability…………… think if nintendo got rid of some stability, that it would balance out the online? too much stability can cause the servers to lag……………….(sarcasm)

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