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Earthblade, the next release from the Celeste team, is coming in 20XX

Over 3 years ago, Extremely OK Games released Celeste. The game became a massive success, and its final chapter released in 2019. The dev team already confirmed that there isn’t a sequel planned for now, so it is no surprise that Extremely OK Games have been working on a new game that has nothing to with the world of Celeste.

Earlier today, Extremely OK Games announced Earthblade. The game is a “2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world”, with Lena Raine creating the game’s soundtrack. No platforms have been mentioned, including the Switch, and the release date is only slated for 20XX. You can see their official announcement tweet, which includes a teaser trailer, down below.


  1. This I’m looking forward to, Celeste is such a damn cool game. It’ll be switch bound for sure AND it’s coming this century. Cool!

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