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IGN ranks the 10 best Legendary Pokemon

The rare and powerful Pokemon who are dubbed Legendary Pokemon have spanned multiple editions of the incredible popular series. IGN has taken some time out to rank what they deem to be the best Legendary Pokemon of all-time, a difficult job all things considered! Many different attributes were thought through before they devised the top ten list such as power, looks, cool factor etc. Here’s their top ten Legendary Pokemon:

  1.  Mewtwo
  2. Rayquaza
  3. Lugia
  4. Giratina
  5. Kyogre
  6. Ho-Oh
  7. Suicune
  8. Zapdos
  9. Dialga
  10. Xerneas


16 thoughts on “IGN ranks the 10 best Legendary Pokemon”

  1. Xerneas over… Groudon, Yveltal, Reshiram… literally any other Legendary? You know, apparently since box art leggos are the only good leggos (except Mewtwo??)? Ah, well. IGN has consistently terrible coverage these days. It’s in character for them to put a mediocre overdesigned deer on the list.

    1. +Acidophile
      I mean, I really don’t like IGN either but…can’t they have their opinion? I personally also really like Xerneas.

      1. My man, I’d recommend thinking again before defending the honor of bloated publications… because you’re clowning.

    2. I mean, I don’t like IGN either but can’t they have an opinion? Top Tens are pretty much subjective.

      1. Sheesh, why does it keep not posting and then actually is? What has been up with this site lately?

      2. IGN doesn’t make top lists for opinions. They make top lists to start a fanboy fight. So they rank controversial canditates highly on purpose in every list. They want that ad revenue so bad.

  2. 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー

    Are they talking about regular or Galarian Zapdos? Probably Kanto due to genwunners.

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