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Konami confirms it won’t be present at E2 2021

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Long standing video game studio Konami has confirmed on Twitter that it won’t be appearing at E3 2021 next month. While the company says that they won’t be showcasing games at the annual video game event, they wanted to reassure fans that they are working on a number of key projects and they will be giving update on these in the coming months. A number of big publishers and developers have stated that they will be participating in the E3 2021 digital event next month such as Nintendo, Xbox and Ubisoft.

8 thoughts on “Konami confirms it won’t be present at E2 2021”

    1. Well they did announce that they’re working on a new Yu-Gi-Oh! video game called “Masters Duel” but honestly my expectations are in the negatives for them and it’s been that way for the past decade lmao. They butchered the series, but even tho it’s asking too much I do hope they have the slightest bit of common sense left to know how to make a decent
      Yu-Gi-Oh! game again.

  1. If Ubisoft doesnt mention Mario Rabbids 3 at E3 then I’m not interested. The 1st one became in 2017 they there is no excuse why it cant be here by 2021. That’s plenty of time to make a game ready…..unless they didnt work on it the moment the 1st game debuted.

  2. Forget buying Capcom; they aren’t being utterly stupid & greedy with their IPs. Buy Konami instead! So many IPs with good story & lore & they are being wasted as pachinko machines because Konami has lost it’s soul to greed.

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