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US: GameStop reveals Mario Golf: Super Rush pre-order pin set

Nintendo and GameStop have revealed the pre-order gift for the next entry in the Mario Golf franchise, Mario Golf: Super Rush. Those of you who purchase the Nintendo Switch game from the North American retailer will be entitled to receive a special pin-set which you can view above. Mario Golf: Super Rush is due to be released on the 25th of June.

9 thoughts on “US: GameStop reveals Mario Golf: Super Rush pre-order pin set”

  1. This game releases next month and yet we still barely know anything about it, nor has it actually been advertise properly, I’m kinda a bit concern for it’s sales

    1. +felixgray
      I actually like it better that way, so many modern games reveal too much information before releasing that there’s hardly any room for surprise.
      Also, since they seemingly appear to be reusing the models from Mario Tennis Aces, I have high hopes for the character roster.

  2. I want to get immersed in this game and spend hundreds of hours playing it with family and friends. I don’t want it to be a weekend game like Mario Tennis Aces (which I loved but didn’t keep my attention for long).

  3. Why doesn’t Peach have a golf club? She is running like she will in Super Rush. But if I put this on for golf day, normal people will be a bit confused why I have a ‘Peach in running motion pin on’, then I’d have to explain the pin.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this game, Mario Golf World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS was a fantastic game so I’m stoked for a Mario Golf game on a modern console.

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