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Mario Golf Super Rush coming to the Nintendo Switch in June

Nintendo has announced a new entry in the classic Mario Golf series and it’s coming to the Switch platform in June. Mario Golf Super Rush. This new entry includes a story mode and also various multiplayer modes which include speed golf. You have the options to use standard controls or you can go for the option of motion controls using the joy-cons.

12 thoughts on “Mario Golf Super Rush coming to the Nintendo Switch in June”

    1. I’ll be honest I never like strikers and don’t see the appeal in it, I rather see a basketall/football or any other sport type mario game than a soccer mario game, and this is coming from someone who isn’t into sports

      1. I’m not much into sports either, but it’s like… Why did soccer stop at two? Why is it always golf and tennis? There are also sports that Mario *hasn’t* done yet like billiards and bowling, and others that they did but without any Mario-series craziness, like hockey and volleyball.

    2. The only real reason is because of the dev teams that handle these games.
      Strikers is a series made by Next Level Games, and I’m guessing Strikers just hasn’t been in the cards for them since Charged on the Wii.
      Same goes for Baseball, which was developed by Bandai Namco. I’d love to see a new entry for that as well.

      Meanwhile, Tennis and Golf are both done by Camelot, and that’s primarily what Camelot makes nowadays.

      In all reality, Nintendo could simply outsource those other projects to different dev groups. But that’s something Nintendo rarely ever does. It’s probably due to production quality reasoning, or just out of respect. Who knows. I’d love a new Strikers game though. I think we’ll see it someday. :)

  1. Sweet, this seems like a great game to play on Switch during the summer. Can’t wait for winter to be over so I can bring my Switch to the park or outdoor dining.

  2. This game was the only thing that made me thrilled about this Nintendo Direct. I wasn’t expecting anything to excite me, but this did. The only question is, why did it take SO long for Nintendo to bring us another Mario Golf game? No, the 3DS game doesn’t count. I’ve always held the original N64 Mario Golf as my favorite, because it had mini golf. I totally LOVED that mini golf mode, and I always wondered why Nintendo didn’t bring it back in other games. And for some reason, the ball controls seemed a bit easier in that first game. I could get birdies (and better) easier in that game than in Toadstool Tour. Partly because the ball rolled more when landing.

    Now, if only Nintendo would bring back Mario Baseball. That’s the only other Mario sports game that I have a deep love for. And it’s been very upsetting with how long it’s been since Super Sluggers released on Wii. I’d take these games any day over games like Splatoon, Metroid, Smash Bros., Bayonetta, Kirby, and so many others.

    OH, I also thought it was cool that Skyward Sword HD was announced. I had a feeling. Though it didn’t look very “HD” to me. And I always wondered why Link’s lips looked a bit dark in this game. Like he’s been eating mud or something. LOL! And they still look that way in the Direct video.

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