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SEGA says it wants to “globally expand” Atlus titles meaning more multi-platform and worldwide releases

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Shuji Utsumi, the Chief Strategy Officer and the GM of Asia and Japan Studios at SEGA, has told Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that they are looking to “globally expand” future Atlus video games. Mr. Utsumi says that they are planning to do this by releasing future Atlus games simultaneously worldwide, instead of doing the usual staggered releases between Japan and the west. He also mentioned that they are considering brining Atlus games to more platforms which would be great news for Switch and Xbox owners.


12 thoughts on “SEGA says it wants to “globally expand” Atlus titles meaning more multi-platform and worldwide releases”

  1. So do it! The success of Persona 5 Strikers, Catherine: Full Body, and Persona 4 Golden on non-Sony consoles is proof that there are audiences for their games across all platforms.

  2. Still waiting on that Persona 4 Golden port. I don’t buy things on my PC since the few times I’ve tried buying games on Steam my system was underpowered. I might end up buying a Series X just for Steam alone.

    1. Wait, what!? You mean to tell me instead of buying an $800 laptop with Intel Core i5 for playing my games on Steam, I could have gotten Xbox Series X for about 200 less!? bottom lip quivers right before turning into that crying baby goron from Majora’s Mask

      1. If you are PC gaming on a laptop, you are doing it wrong. You could have obtained a desktop that would have blown the Xbox Series X out of the water for that price, with an i7 no less. Your loss. That is all.

      2. @Caeba pretty much every PC gamer I know of says something different, so there’s no pretty much no consistency other than “don’t game on a laptop”. I want to trust the ones who say building a PC rig is easy, but I think they’re all a bad judge since they’re all tech nerds. Imo it’s not worth the risk of wasting lots of money if I don’t know what I’m doing.

      3. @shinygold2 objectively, not subjectively; you get more bang for your buck on a desktop. Laptop parts are more expensive even though they are worse, because they cost more to manufacture. A $1000 desktop is about twice as good on average as a $1000 laptop. you’d have to spend at least $2000 on a laptop to get it as good as a $1000 desktop, which is a waste because a $2000 desktop would have been four times better for the price. That’s not even taking into account the overheating problems of a gaming laptop and the short lifespan. Laptops were not made for gaming. Period. It’s not an opinion, it’s a hard fact. The only argument that can be made for using a laptop for gaming is that it can be moved easier, but even that is a weak argument because gaming laptops if being used for hardcore gaming are no more mobile than a desktop and many times more likely to overheat. Buy any prebuilt $800 desktop at a reputable builder like cyberpowerPC and it will blow the X Box Series X and the PS5 out of the water, no overclocking needed.

        1. I wasn’t arguing about the performance on a laptop, I actually agree with you on that. However, the desktop is where I start to see information skewed from PC gamers. I know plenty who say spending a lot of money on a setup is an absolute necessity and you get what you pay for, and others say that is a huge waste of money and you can save a lot by building your own rig. Normally I would listen to the latter with that kind of advice, but I’ve seen plenty of times where PC gamers start to argue with each other on what you need to do to get the best performance.

    2. Oh sorry, my bad, I misread what you wrote. Anyway, building your own PC is a good way to save a hundred bucks or so, but if you are uncomfortable putting together a PC yourself or are not a person who must have something that is completely your own than spending the extra money to have someone else build it and test it for you is priceless. I have done both. I don’t have a preference personally, but if you are uncomfortable building than absolutely there is no shame in having a builder do it for you.

      You don’t need to spend tons of money to get a good rig it depends on what you want to use it for. If you just want to get the same performance as the X Box you could do so with a $500 build. If you want to beat it you could do so starting at $800. If you want to be able to play every game out there at 4k on max setting you do so for no less than $2000, because the graphics card alone will set you back $1000 or more. If you want to go completely over the top and be future proofed than spend no less than $4000. Coming from someone who has an absolute beast of a PC like that; it’s not necessary to do that. You can play all games with half that power, no need to go extra unless you can afford it and it won’t keep you from affording anything else.

      A lot of people who game on PCs are also part of what we call the ‘PC master race’ avoid listening to those people if at all possible, they will always stir everyone toward going over the top and squeezing out every extra bit of fps you can with your rig, and tell you if you buy anything but the most expensive parts than you’re ripping yourself off. They are the same people that rush out to buy marginally better upgrades only months after building a new PC just so that they can brag that theirs is better than everyone else’s. Be smart if you get a PC, save money, do not go extra. You can buy a rig for $1000-$2000 that will last 3 years-5 years without needing an upgrade, and even then only to the graphics card.

  3. Someone, A NYONE, PLEASE give this message to those morons at Sega….
    This crap is why I don’t take Sega seriously at all when they say garbage PR nonsense like SEGA says it wants to “globally expand” Atlus titles meaning more multi-platform and worldwide releases”,because even in Japan the Switch is the best selling console and everyone across the world would buy Persona 5 Switch in a damn heart beat, yet Sega knlow this as fact and still refuses to port that damn game to the Switch.
    This is just more BS spewing from Sega’s mouth pieces.

    1. I know there are typos in my comment and tbh I just don’t care anymore, you all understood what I said anyway.

  4. Getting Persona 4 Golden on Switch would be a good start. I’d love to play it but it’s not on any platform that works for me.

    I couldn’t care less about the Vita, and my computer isn’t strong enough for the Steam version.

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