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SEGA considering reboots of dormant IPs while it begins work on a ‘super game’

SEGA recently unveiled their financial results and they also published a presentation with plenty of slides showing what the company is planning for its future. The company is looking to bring back some of its dormant video game series and titles mentioned include Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Nights into Dreams. The company had expressed interest before in bringing back some of its classic franchises which haven’t been worked on in a while. The slides show that SEGA plans to remaster, remake or reboot its older series while also strengthening their active IPs such as Yakuza, Persona and Sonic. SEGA also mentioned that they are working on a  a “Super Game” within their five-year plan and have “focused investment” in the project, they are aiming to have it released by its 2026 financial year.


11 thoughts on “SEGA considering reboots of dormant IPs while it begins work on a ‘super game’”

  1. This actually sounds good, SEGA giving some attention to their neglected IPs; I just hope those projects turn out well and that Billy Hatcher is among them.

    Now if Nintendo would do something similar with their own neglected franchises. I can think of one that fans have been clamoring for for years now- starts with “F”, ends in “o”, there’s a “zer” somewhere in the middle…

    1. I don’t anticipate Billy Hatcher being a first priority. They have larger IPs that have been dormant just as long if not longer.

      However, I too would love to see Billy Hatcher revived! 🤞🏼🐣

  2. Please a Panzer Dragoon Saga Remake. I know the source code has been lost, so a remaster is out of the question, but it truly is a great game that could use a remake.

  3. Sega has a lot of old IPs that, when made right, can bring a lot of charm. Doesn’t mean they have to be the ones to create the games, Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX looks awesome and I’m excited to see how well it performs. If other games got this treatment like what we’ve seen in Sonic Mania and Streets of Rage 4, that would be amazing

  4. That game image at the top of the article,

    Give us that on the Switch, SEGA. Because right now, my options are either a PS3, a working Saturn, or fiddling around with Yabause.

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